Filmmaker claims Rock stole her concept

Chris Rock is being sued by filmmaker Regina Kimbell, who claims he stole the idea for his upcoming film "Good Hair" from her. Kimbell's movie, “My Nappy Roots: A Journey Through Black Hair-itage” has proven similar to "Good Hair." They each were inspired by the filmmakers' daughters, interview medical professionals, feature a comedian, and travel to India to investigate the hair black market.

Kimbell allowed Rock to see a pre-screen last year. During the screening, Rock yelled out, "We've got to go to India!" He then refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which would have ensured his discretion and trust regarding "My Nappy Roots." Rock is being sued for at least $5 million for copyright infringement, unfair competition, fraud and deceit. She is also trying to block the release of "Good Hair," according to the Associated Press.

Rock's publicist declined to comment.

“Good Hair” opens in select cities this week and nationwide on October 23, while Kimbell’s film received several awards at independent movie festivals between 2002 and 2007.

Look for a preview of "Good Hair" early next week here on, and a full review after the nationwide release later this month.

"My Nappy Roots" Trailer

"Good Hair" Trailer


Good Hair is a great movie. Though it is very funny, it is also shocking, sad, and I hope will encourage more women to embrace their curliness. I'm a white-skinned curly girl. I haven't gone through anything like the chemical straightening or a weave. I know many consider curly hair radical, unprofessional, juvenile, or unkempt. I love my curls, and know more and more about how to take care of them. Spread the word and the love.

I wanna see Good Hair! It looks good. :]

Haha, whatever. Don't care.

IF it's true, not cool man, not cool.