Curvy "Mad Men" star is an inspiration

Christina Hendricks

Hendricks in one of many stunning photos for HB's November issue.

As far as I'm concerned, Christina Hendricks puts the 'voom' in va-va-voom. That's why I was so excited to see this curvy starlet will be gracing the cover of the "Harper's Bazzar" November issue. As a five-foot-ten red-head myself, I find it refreshing to find a non-toothpick-sized woman on the cover of one of my favorite fashion mags. Not only is she my go-to when I feel a little self-conscious about my ginger locks, but her Mad Men style is an inspiration for fall.

Who doesn't love a good jumpsuit, and it's nice to see her out of her "Joan" get-up!

The Curly Fashionista/Megan Dorcey