Christo’s new Colorective line.

Curls for fall will reflect the shades of the earth — rich browns, warm auburns and toasty caramel blondes.

That’s the word from curl guru Christo of Curlisto Systems and Christo Fifth Avenue, who this month unveiled his fall collection of hair colors.

“You have to give people colors they can carry,” Christo said. ‘You can’t have only one color for everyone. I want to be able to give freedom to people based on their lifestyle without making them fashion victims.”

Christo believes different colors work best for different curl types. For example, he likes caramel and vanilla highlights for people with wavy hair or those who like to straighten their hair. Sweet auburn shades work well for medium and full-bodied curls.

Christo believes dark colors work well on tight curly hair because they make the hair look shinier and healthier.

Christo also this month is launching his Colorective line for wavy and curly hair: five shades of shampoos and conditioning creams that maintain the color and hydrate the hair with amino acids and proteins. The Colorective line comes in Chocolate and Double Espresso for brunettes, Bloody Mary for more orange and auburn shades, Merlot for dark red colors and Smart Blonde for blonde shades and highlights.

“They help the curls at the same time you’re coloring,” he says.

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