"American Idol" front runner Crystal Bowersox is my favorite. But it seems that her dreadlocks are getting as much attention as her amazing voice. And not all of it good.

Cincinnati.com reports that "longtime viewers wondered what the "Idol" glam machine—which applies gel and flatirons to corn-fed kids and turns them into fashion-shoot-ready celebrities— would do when confronted with her 'do."

"I've had these for about four and a half years now," she told AccessHollywood.com in March. "I do wash my hair— just so everyone knows. There's a lot of myths out there about dreadlocks, but they're very clean and well-kept."

A story about Bowersox's hair on Stylelist.com attracted comments ranging from compliments ("they fit her perfectly") to critical ("disgusting and distracting," "horrible" and "[she] looks like a pothead"). One poster summed up voter expectations this way: "You keep those dreadlocks and be happy, but you won't win 'American Idol' with that look—do you really think [fourth season winner] Carrie Underwood would have won if she looked like Crystal?"

Even hair professionals have something to say. "They can look way better than that," declared Majeedah Taufeeq, a Cleveland braiding expert who conducts seminars on black hairstyles. "Her 'locks are a mess. She needs my help!"

I am crossing my fingers that Bowersox, who seems to have a lot more spunk than some past contestants, will fight for her locs. They haven't held her back so far!