Curl stylist Christo of Christo Fifth Avenue knows how to transform a head of curls. He shared one of his recent hair makeovers

Hair Challenge:

Hair that is dehydrated and lacking the proper hair maintenance. Women who do not know how to properly maintain and style their hair usually have dehydrated, flat and frizzy hair. In addition to unhealthy hair, Marina’s haircut was not customized to her hair texture; her short bags were the biggest challenge.


To improve the healthiness of Marina’s hair, I treated her to my Hair Rehab treatment which is an intense moisturizer with sea ingredients that improve the hair from within. After 10 minutes, Marina’s hair was given a jumpstart towards healthy hair that allowed me to perform the right cut with long diagonal layers. I had to frame around the face to bend the cut into the length of her bangs and then texturized the middle section of her hair in order to define her curls. After the cut, I further moisturized Marina’s hair with the Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque treatment.

Styling Products:


Beautiful, bouncy curls that are hydrated and full of life. Remember, your hair is your No. 1 accessory. In order to maintain healthy hair, you have to follow up with moisturizing treatments and regular haircuts. With our help, Mariana now knows how to take care of her hair and can recreate her gorgeous curls at home.

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