Millionaire Matchmaker continues her ongoing rant against curly hair

Patti Stanger of Bravo TV's "Millionaire Matchmaker" told one woman all men want to run their fingers through a woman's hair and don't want to touch "brillo." She said all curlies looking for a man must flat iron.


If a man if going to choose a woman based on the fingerability of her hair over her personality, then he isn't a man worth keeping. My man loves my curls... of course I don't really let him touch them =)

PFFT! If a man doesn't like my hair, he can either learn to love it or go.

Who thinks like that? If a man doesn't adore you like you are, keep looking.

Any man who has ever loved me thinks I look ridiculous with straightened hair. My boyfriend loves my curly hair. Sometimes smoothing a hand over shiny curls is much more magical than running your fingers through straight hair. Any man who can't handle curly hair, can't handle a Curly Girl! Sounds like Miss Patti has a case of curly envy. Boo!

I have wavy hair which can frizz out easiy. My guy loves my hair long... that's all he wants from me. Keeping it curly or not is my choice, and he's more than happy if i just have a mane of long healthy hair. So I don't think Ms. Patti here speaks for all men of the world.

huh???!! Guess I don't need a man! (a man who can't accepts my pretty soft cashmere kinky curls) His Lost...NEXT!