In the natural hair world, the blogosphere is essential whether you have waves, curls or kinks. Were it not for all of the brave and die-hard naturals out there who took to their video cameras and computers to blast out to the word that natural was a way of life and everyone should hop on board, we wouldn’t be here (heck, NaturallyCurly was one of those!”>.

All of us have watched at least ONE, if not hundreds, of styling videos and read through even more styling tips looking for the perfect wavy, curly or kinky hairstyle, regimen, prep technique, on and on and on. So in celebration of our curly celebrity month of love, we bring you curly vloggers who are celebrities in their own right, and to us!

Meet KinkyKurlyQueen

Vlogger KinkyKurlyQueen gives natural hair updo ideas, how tos and tips.

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