Who it works best for: Wavy to curly hair

How to get it: M.I.A. has always had her own signature style and sound. We’ve all been hooked on this talented Sri Lankan singer since her first hit. Her humanitarianism and political tunes have been accepted with open arms and have taken their fare share of criticism too, but there’s no criticizing her hair. This woman has got the most amazing, wild woman hair I’ve seen. It’s sexy, fun, dazzling and downright to die for!

To get hair like M.I.A. your hair should preferably be on the longer side. Her naturally messy hairstyle is easier to get than you think. First off, don’t brush your hair. Use your fingers to untangle any giant knots or dreads that form in your hair when you wake up. This will keep the messy volume she has. Mist your hair with hairspray and really shake it up for extra volume and mess.

If your hair is lacking curls, then bust out the bigger barrelled curling iron. If you’re not a fan of the curling iron, then mist your hair in hairspray and tie it up a big messy bun. The hairspray and the natural way your hair twists around itself will create a very cool boho, messy look. Also clipping it off to one side will create more volume and a neat edgy look to this already messy style. If you’re really feeling like going the whole nine yards, then toss in a mini braid here and there to create that hippy feel even more.

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Gabe Gilker


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