Mariah Carey with long curly hair

Mariah’s hair has so much potential, as she has managed to save and maintain her precious and beautiful length. Her hair color is successfully showing her dimension in her lower curls, and her golden highlights are well balanced by her golden brown lowlights. Her ends can’t be too light, as her hair is quite weak and fine so precious length can easily look weak, thin and transparent.

She definitely is in need of Curl Keeper as the right side of her hair shows frizz. Mariah’s hair goes flat quite easily and her habit of scrunching her flat spots definitely needs tweaking, which will support her hair creating the volume and bounce she desperately craves.

I would strongly suggest that Maria should try achieving more volume on the top of her head, as her style lies quite flat on the top of her head almost straight at the roots. Her face shape shows her beautiful smile and jaw line, but the hair volume is widest at her cheeks, which is not the most flattering spot for volume, and doesn’t add anything to the look. Learning how to add some gel to the Curl Keeper and with the help of a root brush will only help her beautiful curls, as the gel will support the loose wave in definition, while getting rid of the frizz. Her style will complete the perfect full-bodied frizz-free freedom she can carry.



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