Miley Cyrus with sexy braids

Miley Cyrus has become a real trendsetter in terms of what she’s doing with her curls. Her hair extensions are giving her the illusion of long and thick hair. She has a loose curl which she colors with strong color to get her hair color as light as possible without the dreaded brassy tones everyone tries to avoid.

She is taking advantage of the long, brown hair color that is really trending at the moment by complimenting it with deposited tones. It is not the most flattering color option, but she carries it well, something that takes confidence and an ability to work with the hair that you have.

Her way of controlling her look for a more formal event is a loose and sexy messy braid. The extensions keep the braid looking thicker, fuller, more colorful and wispier. She would love the benefits of Curly Hair Solutions Tweek, which controls fly away hairs – something that is quite a challenge especially when blending natural hair with extensions. Curly Hair Solutions Slip Detangler works wonders with extensions as there are no silicones in CHS products, which would weigh down the extensions.