Rihana with red curly hair

Who it works best for: curly hair

How to get it: This hairstyle isn’t hard to do, but it is a bit harder to maintain. This modern twist on the infamous rockabilly hairstyle is absolutely stunning. Everything from the color of it to the choice of bandana is essential to making this hairstyle work. It’s best if you have hair that falls on the curlier side of things just so that there’s less effort in curling your hair before you tie it up.

Having curly hair for this style gives it a great oomph and volume which will make any jaw drop and drool. It takes a lot of dedication and can be a very time consuming task to get this ‘do. You have to comb back your hair from the bangs backwards, leave your frings and some extra strands behind to frame your face and then start pinning them in the back of your head. This will create the full and robust look.

Once you have reached your desired looks spray it all down with hairspray to help keep in intact and then add a bandana. Start at the nape of the neck and wrap it where your frings and hair seperate. Tie it at the top of your head to really get this rockabilly look down.

If you have straight hair then you should pin curl your hair to get it super curly or perm it. You have to seriously be into the style if you’re going to perm it to make it super curly, though. Perming causes a lot of damage on hair. So only if you plan on really committing yourself to this style would I recommend perming it. Otherwise jut pin curl it before styling. Good luck!

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