Curly Chef

A reader emailed me last week raving about a curly chef she had seen featured in a lifestyle magazine from Boston. A curly redhead from Boston isn't such a rare thing, but after a few quick keystrokes, I was pleasantly surprised to find beautiful curly girl and renowned chef, Kristina Kuzmic.

Googling "Kristina Kuzmic," I found a laundry list of sites chronicling her run for her own show on Oprah's new network, OWN. There were plenty of people out there in Kuzmic's corner throughout the competition which ultimately came down to her and Austin-based funny man, Zach Anner. Kuzmic says her show, "Breaks all of the rules, just like my hair".

Getting Kuzmic on the phone to chat about her curls was surprisingly easy, and talking to her was a complete breeze. She forewarned me that she wasn't an expert on curly hair, but my theory is that if you have it, you're an expert! We chatted about the contest, and the fan mail she gets asking about her hair. I was a little surprised that the show's stylists didn't want to flatten out the new TV personality's bouncy curls. "They loved it," Kuzmic says, "Because they didn't have to do much."

She goes on to mention that Deva has one of her favorite conditioners, but like almost all curlies out there, she is still on the search for a styler, "I'm hoping to find one line of styling products that I love." We laughed about how not washing your hair every day can be liberating, a subject that Kuzmic was adamant about. "What made me love my hair is not washing every day," she admits.

It's so refreshing to see someone in the media who embraces her curls instead of pressing, relaxing or hiding them to appeal to the public. We give Kristina Kuzmic our full attention, and can't wait to learn how to cook more than a Lean Cuisine.

Keep your eyes peeled for her show this fall on OWN. In the meantime, you can follow the curly chef on Kristina Kuzmic's Facebook page.