The Jonas Brothers. Will Ferrell. John Mayer. Justin Timberlake. Justin Guarini. Adrien Grenier. Sasha Baron Cohen.

While the women in Hollywood seem to struggle with the idea of rocking their natural curls, there seems to be no shortage of curly guys roaming the red carpet.

I won’t claim that male celebrities are completely immune from the lure of straight hair, however. Shia LeBouf and Jonas brother Joe have both sported straightened or slicked-back hairstyles. As a fan of Shia back when he was in the Disney Channel show “Even Stevens,” I was disappointed to see him hitting the red carpet for Transformers with his pomade-heavy, slicked back ‘do. Even Justin Timberlake has been spotted recently sporting a short buzz cut rather than the honey-colored curls we all remember from his boy-band days.

Regardless of whether they’re walking the red carpet or walking to class, I’m a big fan of guys with curly hair. At the private school I attended for a couple years all the boys had to keep their hair quite short. Now that I’m in college, it’s a treat to spot guys on campus who don’t have a dress code dictating how they cut their hair.

I can’t write a column exposing the merits of curly guys without mentioning my boyfriend, Josh. Josh’s hair is epic: not only is it curly, but it’s also long. With hair falling past his shoulder blades, he’s definitely easy to spot from across the room. I’ve never quite figured out how he manages to spend less time on his hair then I do while simultaneously keeping it looking healthier, but somehow that’s always the case. I’m still trying to discover his secret. He wears his hair down every day, so perhaps it’s relatively sedate because he avoids the wear and tear that hairties can inflict.

I was curious to know what prompted him to rock such a long style, so I asked him. He told me that he let his hair grow out while attempting to decide how to cut it, and then decided to keep it long. I maintain that it’s his admiration for a particular long-haired metal guitarist that inspired his mid-back locks. After reading the first paragraph of this column over my shoulder, he immediately rattled off a list of rock and metal musicians. Apparently if you want to find men with long curly hair, go no farther than the first metal band that comes to mind. (Seriously, do an image search for “metal guitarist” and you’ll see exactly what I mean.”>

Now that I have such a handy comment section below my column, tell me your opinion of curly guys! Any favorite curly celebs that you’d like to mention? Leave a comment and let me know!

Stay Curly,


Cozy Friedman


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