Denise RichardDenise Richards

Lately, my Google searches go something like this:

"naturally volumize fine ass hair,"

"mousse for bigger hair"

volumizing hair care line

I couldn't help but reach out and I'm glad I did! She's super down to earth, friendly and a fellow curly. She'll also be in the new Tyler Perry movie! #WINNING

CN: Your hair is stunning! It's obviously naturally textured, but how would you describe it? 

Thank you! My hair is thick with a bit of natural wave. Although it's very full, I feel like it's gotten less curly over the years.

CN: What was it like growing up with wavy hair? Did you always like it?

As a kid, we always want to be part of the "status quo," which usually means having perfectly straight, shiny hair. I battled with my hair at the time (hey, it was the 80s!), but through the years, I stopped fighting my hair and found a style that works for me.

CN: What are your go-to products?

Speaking of the 80s, it’s all about the hairspray! But a much more grown up version, like the Volumizing Hair Spray from my Volume Extend line. I’m currently obsessed with my new line of products. They’re so luxurious and make my beauty routine a breeze.

CN: Tell me of this new volumizing haircare line?

My new hair care line, Volume Extend, is a volumizing line I created with celebrity hairstylist Cristophe that uses cutting-edge formulas to achieve the perfect balance of volume and thickness without any frizz. It should go without saying, but these products are never tested on animals and are sulfate and paraben free.

CN: What is your current routine? How does it differ when you're working?

When I’m working, I have the best in the biz making sure I look perfect from every angle; I just let them work their magic! But when I’m at home, it’s all about my kids, which means my beauty routine is pared down to the bare minimum. I think the best way to keep it simple is to adopt a beauty routine that keeps your hair healthy and your skin glowing.

CN: As a new mother, I always ask celeb moms this question: How the hell do you do it? How do you save your last nerve while juggling career and kids?

I think it’s important to take time out for yourself. As a working mother, it’s easy to lose yourself in the demands of others, but what’s most important is maintaining a healthy, happy "self." I recommend taking an hour to go for a walk, meditate, spend quality time with your friends – these are the things that maintain sanity.

CN: Any new and upcoming movie projects?

I recently guest starred on "30 Rock" and I am currently working on a new Tyler Perry film, “Madea’s Witness Protection!"

CN: Dope. Can't wait! Where can we connect with you on the web?

You can follow me on Twitter (@DENISE_RICHARDS) or on my website at You can buy my products at!