BunCast member Enisha Brewster arrives at the premiere of the film “Footloose” in Los Angeles rocking her natural kinks!

A remake of the 1984 classic, “Footlose” premiered on October 3rd in Los Angeles, and is set to be released nationwide today. In honor of the release of the movie, we got down to the bottom of the beautiful Enisha Brewster and Andie Macdowell’s curly hairstyles at the movie premier where they flaunted their natural locks on the red carpet and represented for curly girls everywhere.

Get Enisha’s Twist-Out

Enisha rocked a fabulous twist-out with some playful bangs. This look is perfect for those with types 3 or 4 hair looking for a fun variation of a traditional twist-out. Since this is a fuller style, around 8-10 medium sized twists should give you volume that Enisha has achieved.

  1. Start with clean hair and use a good leave-in conditioner for your foundation. Kinky Curly Knot Today is an excellent option because it has great slip for detangling and allows for a smoother twist-out.
  2. Apply a good moisturizing product like Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Butter or Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter to each section of hair from root to tip.  It’s important not to neglect the ends because fuzzy ends will ruin a great style!
  1. Proceed with two-strand twists, remembering to leave a section across the front for the bangs. Make sure the twists are smooth and try not to borrow from one section to the other so you end up with a well defined twist out.
  2. Once the twists are complete, you can add a small bit of oil to seal the moisture in. Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioning Oil is a great sealer to add shine to the finished twists. Then, air dry or use a hooded dryer to set the twists.
  3. To finish the look, add a bit of oil to your hands and carefully untwist each section. A neat tip is to gently pull the twist straight out and allow the sections to virtually create themselves. This will help avoid creating any additional frizz.

Get Andie’s Diffused Coifs

Cast member Andie MacDowell arrives at the premiere of the film “Footloose” in Los Angeles showcasing her voluminous curls in all their glory.

Andie showed up with pumped up curls, throwing their volume and bounce in the face of straighties who’s hair just can’t get these twists!

This look works best for type 3 curlies, but wavies can get the look too with a little extra effort.

  1. Begin by shampooing with a water-soluble product such as Deva Low-Poo. Avoid their No-Poo formula which will be too heavy for your curls and will weigh the look down, possibly eliminating the pattern altogether.
  2. Finger through a conditioner, leaving it on for at least five minutes. Apply a leave-in once you get out of the shower.
  3. Be sure to towel-dry hair with a microfiber towel. This will help to eliminate frizz from the get-go and will not disturb the curl pattern like terry cloth towels do.
  4. After you apply the leave-in, apply a holding gel or mousse like Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper to lock in moisture and define curls.
  5. For volume at the roots, clip in about four to six duck bill clips at the roots of your part. Allow hair to air dry, or diffuse it, and then remove the clips. The clips will ensure that gravity doesn’t detract from your volume.
  6. Once dry, if needed, touch up curls that have gone a little flat with a curling iron. Be sure to only leave the iron on the hair for a maximum amount of 10 seconds, preferably less. Use hairspray to keep the curls in place and frizz-free throughout the night.

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Final Thoughts

Want to get second or third day hair from these curly hairstyles? A satin pillowcase will be your best friend as it allows the curls to remain intact while you sleep and won’t rob your hair of its moisture like cotton. No satin pillowcase? Pull your hair up in a satin scrunchy in a “pineapple”, a high, loose ponytail, and don your satin wrap or bonnet.


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