The New York Times is at it again:Surly icon

Curltalker Kirochka writes: ‘OH NO. An article mentioning style in the movie ‘Le Divorce’ appears in the New York Times today 8 August 2003 (titled ‘Will Aztec Symbols Go For the Gold'”>. It includes these lines about the character played by Kate Hudson, who goes to Paris and over the course of the movie apparently becomes more ‘sophisticated’: >At the start of the movie ‘Le Divorce,’ Kate Hudson, as Isabel, a young Californian, arrives at the home of her sister in Paris shrouded in a lime-green sweater coat and cheesy peasant blouse, her hair an unruly tumble of curls. By any standard, she’s a mess. By the end of the film, a Merchant-Ivory adaptation of Diane Johnson’s novel, she has acquired a degree of panache. I read on, in dread, and of course came down to this line: ‘And there is Ms. Hudson, who, by the film’s end, has developed a taste for pricey, if naughty, lingerie and has sheared her hair into a glossy bob.’ It doesn’t end, does it?’

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