The New York Times is at it again:Surly icon

Curltalker Kirochka writes: 'OH NO. An article mentioning style in the movie 'Le Divorce' appears in the New York Times today 8 August 2003 (titled 'Will Aztec Symbols Go For the Gold'). It includes these lines about the character played by Kate Hudson, who goes to Paris and over the course of the movie apparently becomes more 'sophisticated': >At the start of the movie 'Le Divorce,' Kate Hudson, as Isabel, a young Californian, arrives at the home of her sister in Paris shrouded in a lime-green sweater coat and cheesy peasant blouse, her hair an unruly tumble of curls. By any standard, she's a mess. By the end of the film, a Merchant-Ivory adaptation of Diane Johnson's novel, she has acquired a degree of panache. I read on, in dread, and of course came down to this line: 'And there is Ms. Hudson, who, by the film's end, has developed a taste for pricey, if naughty, lingerie and has sheared her hair into a glossy bob.' It doesn't end, does it?'