mya curly hair

"Sometimes I'll even rock a shower cap overnight to preserve moisture." - Mýa

The talented and naturally curly Mýa is On the Couch! Although most may remember her from "Chicago" or "Dancing with the Stars," I still remember her debut single with Sisqo; "It's All About Me."! Anyway, I've always admired her curls, and couldn't pass up the chance to chat with her about her routine and favorite products.

On her hair story

I was natural with no processing, coloring, or treatments for much of my life. I had my first texturizer in 2000 to loosen the curl for easier management and quicker styling. The texturizer I was given was very mild and only lasted for about 9 months. I grew it out, and was back to my natural state very shortly. I then began layering and cutting my hair for a more contemporary look. Over time and due to coloring and heat based styling, my curl has naturally loosened and become a bit more manageable. I have no plans to texturize again. I love my curls!

On embracing her curls

I got teased quite a lot in school because my hair was "BIG" and "bushy." I had no clue what products to use, so frizz ruled the day. I wanted straight hair so badly - it seemed easier and of course, prettier. All the jokes and comments led me to believe my type of hair was not "good hair." Now I know that healthy hair, no matter the texture, is good hair.

On her current routine

I wash my hair every other day, and deep condition once a week now due to all of the color and heat that is constantly applied. I find myself loving wigs lately just to give my hair a rest, save time, and safely experiment with new looks.

My usual style is a wash and go. I wash, condition, comb (in the shower), and rinse. I then apply a light moisturizer or styling creme, towel dry, diffuse or let dry naturally and go.

In the featured photos, I'm rocking a roller set. I washed and conditioned, and allowed my hair to air dry to a semi damp state. I then brushed it out, sectioned, and set my hair on heated barrel rollers for 20 minutes. Finally, I removed the rollers, and lightly brushed the curls for volume.

On hair stylists

Unless it's a photoshoot, video shoot, or major red carpet event, I do my own hair and make-up. I keep a special bag of hair with me on the road so I'm prepared at all times. Everything from drawstring ponytails to clip in tracks, different wigs, to sewing needles is on deck. Gotta protect my real hair!

On her must have products and tools

My favorite leave in conditioner is by Bumble & bumble. It’s really light, yet moisturizing. My favorite conditioner to this day is still Pantene, which I mix with System Professional's Color Protectant. I keep a flat iron with me!

On night time hair

If I'm rocking a curly look the next day, I'll usually braid my hair up at night and use just a little leave in conditioner. Sometimes I'll even rock a shower cap overnight to preserve moisture. If I plan on wearing it straight, I wrap it up in a scarf.

On the best thing about being curly

With the right products, you can wash and go and be set for the day! Simple, yet beautiful!

On encouraging others to transition or embrace their curls

I would tell her GO GIRL; you are beautiful just the way you are and people pay to have what you naturally have - embrace it! Even more importantly, we all have to learn how to embrace our natural selves as a whole and define beauty on our own. The media can tend to be very influential, very one dimensional in making all women feel that we need to change ourselves to be a better person and have a better life. If we're strong enough in embracing ourselves and the adversity in the definition of beauty, we won't fall victim to it. Plus, it's expensive as hell!

On upcoming projects

I have a new album coming out this spring titled K.I.S.S. (Keep it Sexy & Simple). And I'm the new celebrity ambassador for Africare. My twitter page is @MissMya where I post updates on what I'm up to on a daily basis.