Patti Stanger continues her tirade against curly hair

She has a weekly platform where she could encourage women to accept and embrace their natural beauty, yet she chooses instead to fuel insecurities and spread a notion that you can only be attractive with smooth, straight hair.

If a woman chooses to go for a straighter smoother look because she wants a change, we support her. People should have options. What we don't support is doing it because you think it's the only way to get rich man to love you - the message Stanger sends loud and clear at every opportunity. What if she told women they had to change the shade of their skin or the color of their eyes to get a man? Why is okay to tell curlies they have to straighten their locks to find love?

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We say, shut up already!

Other notable quotes from Stanger on her anti-curl philosophy:

Patti Stanger told Los Angeles’s Jewish Journal, “If you want to keep it curly, go to Israel.”

‎From her book, "Become Your Own Matchmaker, 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate:

"Men appreciate hair they can run their fingers through—and they don’t want to get them snagged in scraggly, frizzy, pubic-looking bird’s nests. The era of the perm is over, ladies. Wavy hair is fine, but a hair ball is definitely not a man magnet. The money you spend straightening and conditioning your hair might be the best, most profitable investment you’ll ever make."

"And one more thing: I know I sound like a broken record, but if you have curly or wavy hair, get it blown out straight and silk for your photo shoot. It's worth paying the money once a year to get it thermal reconditioned, also known as Japanese straightening."

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What a RIDICULOUS and ignorant statement to make. We have 5 to 6 billion women in this world with different face structures, different ethnicities, different hair textures ect ect and what may look attractive on one woman will not fit every other woman. I think you also have to becareful making such a broad statement as well since CULTURE plays a huge role on definition of beauty. You will find men of the ethnic or urban community ( black/latin) that prefer their women with curly hair and a thicker shape where a White or Asian man liking a very thin woman with sleek straight hair. In my opinion we have too many people in this world with different taste to make such a broad statement. She cant speak for every man. And honestly, as much as i know physical appearance plays a role in attracting a mate, i still should hope a man who had ginuwine interest in a woman wouldnt be caught up with whether her hair is curly or straight from day to day. Their are much more bigger priorities to focus on in a mature relationship then that lol. P.s. Being bi-racial i am able to wear my hair curly and straight and im approached more by men when its curly then straight. I prefer to rock my natural curls and stand out!! Not blend in and follow the crowd!! Learn to love your uniqueness curly girls!!! ;)

It's funny to me that a woman who was a little thick in the waist and just got a man, is always telling women that they are fat, have bad hair, and that's why they don't have a millionaire. So if she is so great and her hair is so awesome why did it take her so long to get a man? She is a joke.

Every time I watch that show and hear that stupid woman (Stanger) say that men only like straight hair (and that they don't like women with red hair), I want to reach through the TV and b*tch-slap her. She is so out of touch! My hair is reddish-gold and curly, and men LOVE it. So do I. When I was younger, I used to spend hours straightening my hair, and I was constantly fussing with it. Once I started wearing it natural and curly, though, it ignited something in me--a sensuality and confidence that I NEVER had when I was forcing my hair to be straight. When I shake out my curls, I feel like a WOMAN: powerful, sensual, and beautiful. And, men take notice. Maybe it's the hair, or maybe it's the confidence. All I know is, I've NEVER had a man tell me he'd rather my hair was straight. And by the way, Patti Stanger looks like a trout. There's no way I'm looking to her for fashion tips anyway! She's constantly wearing clothing made for a woman half her age--and size!

I had to laugh at Stangers comment. She wants everyone to look the same with long straight boring hair. The one time I blew my hair straight my husband had a fit and demanded that I go wash it again and get back my curls. And I am 61 years old!!!! I guess the only guys she can find as are emptied headed as the women.

Patti's standard of beauty is so antiquated. In her book she calls anyone with curls,curves or color in their skin "Exotics" which may not sound like an insult until you read what she says about "Exotics." In a nutshell, she says so-called "Exotics" are attractive to men only because they are different, not because they are beautiful. Famous "Exotics" include Halle Barry, Selma Hayak, Angelina Jolie, Iman, and other very beautiful women. So, I think that sums her up. She's probably just jealous. In my life, my friends with the big pretty curls of all ethnicities were the ones who snagged the guys and I grew up in a homogenous, east coast suburbian community, just like Patti. So, she'd better check her Playbill. Men love my natural curls and they love yours too, girls.

@ Morrighu Badb LOL!!! I'm dying over here. I haven't laughed this hard in a long while. Thanks for making tears run down my face and my stomach hurt from laughing uncontrollably. Aside from this, I have nothing remotely beneficial to add to this conversation. :)

I am one of those naturally curly girls who has gone back and forth from straight to curly over the years. I recently went back to curly, and am LOVING every minute of it! The ease, the beauty of the natural curl, and the feeling that I am being the REAL me is exhilarating. No more "cookie cutter" for me! It is so true that compliments are so much more common with natural curly hair. My husband loves it too. Also, I feel so blessed to have found this website. It is so nice to be a part of a group of women who appreciate the naturally curly look, and don't bow down to the pressure to flat iron (aka destroy) our hair! Thank you!

I'm Native American, love my curly hair and think the whole approach by this lady is soooo's not about the hair anyway. It's what kind of energy we project. My man loves me for ALL of me, not just a part.

BTW, I'm Black with a White husband and he HATES my hair relaxed. He was 100% behind me doing the BC and he's a HUGE reason I don't go back to relaxing because he encourages me and tells me how beautiful I am every day. It's not what all men want, it's what some men want who aren't big enough to overcome what's expected of them.

@ jennsimm, WOW!!! How unnecessary. No one here is bashing any other poster, everyone has the right to be angered/offended by anything they see fit. That would be like telling someone Black NOT to be upset because they were just called out of their name or asking an overweight person to not be angry or feel sensitive when a tasteless fat joke is told. It's still someone saying, "you're not good enough because you don't conform". It's an unfair statement to say that ALL of anyone prefers any one type of woman based on hair, color or any other thing that may strike their fancy. What it boils down to is a preference and it's not YOUR place to tell anyone they can't be upset by it. She may not have influence on their personal lives but she is in the mainstream and will be heard by millions which unfortunately in today's society means a lot to some shallow people. This is why we can't move past the skinny blonde hair and blue eyed beauty myth.

Patti tells people to straighten their hair for the same reason that she tells them to lose weight: because the majority of men, particularly wealthy men who have an active social life, want "traditionally" attractive women. That means IN SHAPE, LONG STRAIGHT hair, nice teeth, blah blah blah. I'm sure that there is some millionaire out there who is attracted to fat women with frizzy hair and gap teeth. However, he probably wouldn't have to use a matchmaker, would he? As there are plenty of those women running around every local mall and grocery store. I personally don't care who likes my curls or not. If you ladies were half as confident as you pretend to be, you wouldn't be so angry at someone who has zero effect on your life. Have a great day, and focus some of that bitterness towards something more productive, like, cancer research or world hunger. Have a lovely day!!

She's so ugly!

Oh, for those who haven't seen the "Elvira Wig" - here's the link -

Wow... Do you have any idea how many people - male included - come up to me and either touch my hair or compliment me on it? Patti Stanger is so f'ing fake with her botox, plumpled up lips, fake boobs, and orange painted on tan. Who in their right mind takes hair style/care advice from someone that looks like their stole a $5 Elvira wig from the Halloween clearance rack?

Stanger straightens her hair and she's never been married and recently broke up with her boyfriend of six years. Maybe she'd find love if she went curly.

I look really terrible with straight hair. I have a long and narrow face, so full curly hair suites me better.

This lady has nerve and she looks hideous with her flat hair which accentuates her scary face. My husband loves my curls and gets upset when I flat iron. So much for men only liking straight, flat boring hair.

Yeah... for one, my boyfriend absolutely hates it (and I can't word this strong enough) when I straighten my hair. He thinks it feels damaged and like product. Knowing that, I would much rather have shiny, bouncy and soft curls than dingy, damaged hair that feels and moves like hay when my boyfriend tries to run his fingers through it. Also, its recently been determined that formaldehyde has been being used in Brazilian blowouts... tell me Patti, why I would want to completely destroy my hair because you think I should feel insecure with my hair? I don't know who you've been hanging out with, but my curls are far from "rat nest" standards. People like you, Patti, are why so many of our girls and women are insecure.

Let me tell you what's up, ladies our curls are hot and this woman is absolutely NOT! This woman is an ape. If I had a matchmaking organization and was a shallow biotch like this woman, I wouldn't even take her! She is one of the LAST people to start telling woman what to look like. NO ONE insults my fellow curlies.

Why is everyone so upset about Stanger’s inflammatory views of curly hair? The show is about pitiful women putting themselves on display in hopes that a man will buy them. If straight hair sells then straighten it!

Wow, the fact that I have curly hair and don't try to look like every other cookie-cutter girl is what set me apart from the herd- and landed me an awesome husband. ;) He isn't a millionaire, but he appreciates that I have a mind of my own and he tells me all the time how much he likes that I don't feel the need to slather on a mask of makeup and fry my hair within an inch of its life just so I can look like everyone else. I am a natural, independent, beautiful curly girl. I would never change the way I present myself because someone else happens to have a poor self-image. I don't need validation from anyone but myself.

Patti doesnt know what she's talking about, i didnt get my first relaxer til i was almost 21, now at 23 i'm going back natural and i used to get so many more compliments from guys when i was natural, they always used to be like wowww you're natural is that all your hair, can i touch it? lol

She's an idiot and her show is stupid! She's only repeating what her husband and men probably told her! To bad for her she doesn't realize she's actually insecure about herself, if she feels that deeply about some hair!!!

haha i love rahtaps comment! I'm sure this lady is just jealous her hair is completely flat and quite upset she had to waste so much money on small 'adjustments', when we can rock out gorgeous curls and feel awesome about it!

Wow look who's talking!! She probably feels like she needs to hide behind her straight hair because her features look excessively manly. What a narcissist!

She's a matchmaker....whose engagement FAILED.... ?

I saw an episode of MM a couple weeks back--hubby and I sometimes watch--and Patti was sporting waves rather than her uberstraight. It was so much more flattering and softening to her face. I mean, even hubby agreed it was a better look for her. (As is the side part over those harsh bangs that didn't suit her manly face. I like all sorts of hair and see beauty in straight,waves, curls and kinks. But let's face it--Patti's clientele is a shallow lot most of them. If anyone watches the show with regularity, they know, both male and female clients emphasize appearance over character. And often GO for appearance over compatibility-level. Cool, smart, wise millionaires don't need Patti's services. The weirdo/obsessive/shallow/dysfunctional millionaires go to her (and those who mostly wanna be on tv and plug their sites/businesses). She gets shallow and she often gives shallow. That's reality on that show. Curls have been loved and admired for millenia. Patti and her stuck-in-the-straight lane is looking for mates for shallow seekers, so straight hair is the "trophy" hair of the moment for the shallow and monied, I guess.

you nailed it! Thanks Jesis! How funny would it be, if a guy were to go on the show and specifically want a wild curly hair woman!? I can assure you she would have to please her client. The tables have turned... If it ever happens..

I second that, jesis!

Women need to be independent! If a man doesn't like you how you are, he doesn't deserve you. I live in a college town and every girl I see has straight, damaged hair. It pleases me when I see girls who have natural curls, I think they are stunning because they can stand up and say "This is who I am, not who society or men want me to be, and I'm proud of it!"

She's obviously insecure about her own looks, which are very masculine to begin with. Curls are very, very feminine. No wonder she bashes them at every turn.

I think this lady is crazy and insecure and she passes all of that on to her clients. Her morning routine probably consists of: her looking in the mirror with curly hair and telling her own reflection "you're ugly, a frizzball and will never get a man with that birds nest!" and then she blows her hair out and looks @ her reflection again and goes like " NOW you're pretty!" lmao seriously her fried looking hair suggests curls being abused by hair dryers, poo and all kinds of psycho treatments to get hair that will never be hers!

Such BS because since I've gone natural I've gotten soooo many more compliments on my hair from men than when I was relaxed.