michelle breyer

Michelle Breyer

This last weekend, I attended the America’s Beauty Show in Chicago, one of the largest hair shows in the world.

As I was perusing the wide variety of booths with every conceivable type of hair product, I was pulled into a booth by a man who promised to change my life.

“I can fix your hair, honey,” he said, referring to my head full of 3b curls.

“Fix my hair?” I asked, horrified.

His answer to all my problems was his new Brazilian Keratin Treatment that would take every kink and curl out of my hair. I looked at him and told him he could change somebody else’s life. But I was quite happy with my curls, thank you very much! Then I turned around to show him the message on the back of my hot pink hoodie.

“Curl Power!”

Michelle Breyer

As co-founder of NaturallyCurly.com, a website for curly hair she began with her business partner and friend, Gretchen Heber, Michelle Breyer helped create the leading community and resource for people with curly hair. Frustrated by the lack of information on curly hair and the limited products available in the marketplace, the duo launched the site in 1998 with the help of a 14-year-old web designer. When Procter & Gamble called three years later to advertise to the NaturallyCurly.com® audience, Breyer knew they had indeed created a force in the industry, providing helpful information and unparalleled expertise for what was then considered a niche market.

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