Kacie B. rocks her curls in the pool

“The Bachelor” is now in its 16th season, and no one would blame you if you’ve given up on love altogether thanks to the fake reality show. But now, for the first time in the show’s history, a curly has made it to the top four.

Despite being eliminated last night during the hometown dates, Kacie B. was what you might call a bada** chick! She was confident, curls and all, even during the show’s frizz-inducing Caribbean nights.

Kacie walked out of the ocean smiling like a normal human, not a “Baywatch” model. She chilled in Puerto Rico’s hot and humid climate, letting her curls go free. She went on a “Survivor”-esque date, merely pulling her curls out of her face and into a ponytail, and looked great doing it!

For seemingly one of the first times ever on reality TV, Kacie represented what normal curly girls are: confident, natural women. She’s the type of girl that I would be friends and share frizz tips with, and who I would compliment for being such an upstanding model of self-confidence.

And just like many of us down-to-earth curlies, when Kacie was eliminated, her parting words were, “What the f**k happened?” Ah, the angst of seeing a confident women dumbfounded by a reality show’s antics. I sincerely hope that Kacie will come back next season as “The Bachelorette,” and with the amount of pull she had on us as an audience, it’s likely to assume she will.

P.S. Kacie also she has three tattoos! I don’t know about you, but I’ve just found my curl crush. Reaching out to get an interview right about now…