The Curly Cut: I have worked on Mya's hair before, and she has a medium-tight curl. To get this look, your stylist has to cut a lot of long, diagonal, short layers into your hair.

Works Best For:

Women with triangular faces

How to Get the Look: This look is all about the twist, and takes some time to get it right. Start on wet hair and section hair, twisting it from the bottom sections at the nape of the neck to the top sections by the face. Use some Curlisto Control II Gel for hold. Spray Curlisto Curl Reform and diffuse. When hair is dry, use a small curling iron to define the curls that frame your face. Finish with Curlisto Glow & Shine.

This is a very tricky style, so make sure your stylist knows how to cut curly hair so that the diagonal layers don't cause your curls to shrink up to much. When length is taken away from curly hair, the curl is no longer weighed down, and this can cause it to curl more than it has before.