Fall styles aren't the only things showcased on the runways of Lincoln Center. Here are three major hairstyle trends coming from the fall 2011 runways of New York that you can easily achieve yourself with minimal effort.

Sideswept hair

Wearing hair to the side will earn you fashionista status this year

Side Dish

Want to be fashionable and on trend this season? Sound like a lot of work and effort? Wrong! It’s as simple as taking your comb and changing up your part. Shows like Porter Grey, Tadashi-Shoji are saying center parts are officially out. If you want to appear in the know this season, make sure to keep it to the side. To create an extreme side part, simply use your comb and begin your parting by aligning it with the outside corner of your eye. Try to keep it as clean and straight as possible for a really dramatic effect. To accentuate your parting, use a high-shine styling crème, gel or pomade to help smooth the hair down.

Wearing your hair any way on the side will earn you fashionista status this season. Not just extreme side parts, but also side-swept styles, including braids. To the left, to the left! Everything is to the side this season!

Next Day hair

"Next Day" hair requires very little effort

"Next Day" Hair

Soft, “next day” hair is romancing the runways this fall. We saw it at Nicolas K, Rebecca Minkoff, G-Star and more. The great thing about “lived-in” hair being on trend is that it requires little to no effort on your part. Effortless chic doesn’t require a lot of product, either, as it’s a really soft, touchable, natural looking “next-day” look that you’re striving to achieve. In the morning, instead of washing hair and starting fresh, simply scrunch some volumizing or texturizing spray into your hair and go. Some other great products to create “next-day” hair are Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Potion, dry shampoo like Kloranes, or even a great texturizing spray like Bumble and bumble Surf Spray.

Contrasting textures

Contrasting textures have been spotted on the runways


Contrasting textures, smooth and shiny at the crown and curly and textured everywhere else, were seen on the runways at the Rebecca Taylor show. We also saw a lot of contrast in finishes - shiny at the crown and matte or natural everywhere else.

To achieve this look, simply use a pomade or shine spray at the crown to smooth and shine strands and then use a texturizing spray throughout the rest of your hair and create texture by back-combing hair or using a curling or crimping iron.

You can also achieve texture and movement like celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler did backstage for Nicolas K by twisting the product in as you apply it.

Sideswept hair

Beautiful color is always in style

Contrast in color was also seen at the Mandy Coon show and by many of the fashion-forward spectators taking in Fashion Week this weekend including Rebecca Jones of Broadway American Idiot fame who rocked amazing texture and contrasting colors during our “Curl Talk” street interview. If you’re afraid to fully commit to this trend and would like to just try it on for a week or two, try Manic Panic. It’s semi-permanent color and available in some really bold, vibrant shades. You only want a splash or hint of color to achieve this trend. Apply it to a couple of small sections or even strands of hair.