I know you have seen them. Images flooding the internet when the beautiful and talented Meagan Good wore loc extensions inspired by the natural locs of Lisa Bonet. This extension style was something that has never been seen or done before. The combination of hair and technique was truly original and God inspired. In the upcoming release of the Goddess Loc Training Video I will reveal the secret behind this creation.

When it comes to creating the Goddess Loc look there are two main questions I see on social media: “How did she seal the ends and get them to look like that?” and “What kind of hair was used?”

As a master loctician, I have had the opportunity to start and maintain thousands of locs around the world. When locking hair naturally, the hair goes through a budding stage, which is when the hair starts to mat and form a round lock. Recreating the look of Lisa Bonet’s locs was tied into my understanding of the process of how hair naturally mats and forms a loc. In the training video, I reveal the steps you have to take to create the look of an authentic loc with human hair. I also show viewers how to prepare the hair to give it some texture. You can’t just use the hair the way it comes out of the pack. If you leave the hair straight and silky it won’t hold or give you the look of a natural loc. The biggest secret is the type of hair that was used to create the look.

Buying hair for goddess faux locs

The hair has been packaged as a Goddess Faux Loc Kit and is exclusively available at His and Her Hair Goods in Los Angeles. If you choose to purchase the Deluxe version of the kit, you will also get to experience products from my hair care line AnnCarol, which have been formulated with the highest quality ingredients to create a foundation for healthy hair. You can purchase your kit by calling toll free: 800-421-4417. The kits ship internationally, so no matter where you are in the world, you can create this unique and beautiful style. Inside the kit you will receive the minimum amount of hair required to complete the look. There are two different textures of human hair and two different lengths used to create this look. In the training video I will demonstrate the products needed to prepare your natural hair before installing the extensions, how to prepare the human hair to create the look of an authentic loc, and how to maintain the locs after installation. 

I am so excited that I can share my gift with the world in this way so that other women can recreate the looks that I have designed. I would love to see the style you create with your Goddess Faux Loc Kit so be sure to send me your best shot by using the #IAmAGoddess hashtag on Instagram.

Always remember to love your hair and love yourself. You are a goddess!

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Kari Williams

Dr. Kari is a licensed barber, professional hair designer & stylist, natural hair care specialist, educator, hair care products consultant, board certified trichologist through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and the Founder & CEO of Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon & Trichology Clinic. She is the current President of the California Board of Barbering & Cosmetology, appointed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2013. Dr. Kari is also the Creator and Co-Founder of AnnCarol, a line of products formulated to achieve and maintain healthy hair. Her products can be purchased at www.anncarolproducts.com.

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