I traveled to my home island of Cyprus and Athens this summer. I would like to share some amazing pictures of ancient Gods, goddesses and royalty. These images will show you that in ancient Greece, curly hair was not only embraced, but celebrated.

The image of beauty today has become distorted. Women of all ages perform harsh chemical services to have the straight hair they see on television instead of embracing their natural texture.

But that wasn't always the case. Curly hair was and still is considered beautiful in Greek culture. While visiting the Acropolis Museum which recently opened in Athens, the statues whispered, “Look at my beautiful Curls.” The architects depiction of treasured icons showcased the fact that curls are divine.


The curly hair was always pulled back elegantly so that the sculptures look elegant and sophisticated.

I would love to show you that curly hair is beautiful, sexy and sophisticated. The key is knowledge. Knowing how to maintain your curls can keep them looking beautiful.

I grew up in a culture where 99 percent of the population has curly hair. I learned how to care for and perfect the art of curly hair. As a young hairdresser, growing up with a large curly haired clientele was a blessing. I used this knowledge of curly hair to perfect my own cutting and styling techniques. I have become an educator for salon professionals and curly hair women around the globe.

If the ancient goddess of Greece wore their hair naturally and beautifully curly, so can you. For parents with curly hair children it is important that you show them how the gods and goddesses embraced their curly hair. Show them that royalty had curly hair.

Teach your kids to love their curly hair. And remember that their feelings about their hair all start with you.