BunKim Coles and CurlyNikki rocked their natural styles. Photo by Nikia Phoenix

On Saturday August 13, naturals from all over Southern California came together to celebrate the culmination of the six-month Kim Coles Grow-Out Challenge sponsored by Jessicurl. The Challenge brought together over 1,000 bloggers to share their journeys as they transitioned into their natural hair. The online community spirit of sharing, learning and meeting was very much brought to life at the event, where smiles were exchanged, tips were shared, and new friends were made.

“It’s so moving to see all of these textured heads in one place,” gushed a partygoer.  “This is the best natural hair event I’ve been to yet!”

The event, which took place in a three-story penthouse in downtown Los Angeles, with sweeping views of the skyline, provided the opportunity to meet and chat with Kim Coles, CurlyNikki  and Jess McGuinty of Jessicurl, while mixing and mingling with fellow naturalistas.

Find out what you missed, and get the same tips from the event experts as you would have, had you gone!

Grow-Out Challenge Celebration Highlights

Curly attendees getting natural hair care advice and styling.
  1. Several prominent bloggers were in the mix such as Elle from Quest for the Perfect Curl, Angel from K is for Kinky, and Nikia Phoenix of Model Liberation.
  2. Stylists from Beverly Hills-based natural hair salon Mahogany Revolution showed expert styling tips and techniques using Jessicurl products and answered attendee’s hair-related questions about everything from scalp health to which products to use for twist-outs to trim frequency.
  3. Natural hair groups, such as Showing My Roots from San Diego, and enthusiasts from all over came to the event traveling from as far as New York! CurlyNikki arrived to the event with Lynne W, the winner of the Grow Out Challenge, who was flown from Ohio for the event.
  4. Eleven-month old baby, Gia, showed off her little twist and “stinky face.”

Curly Hair Tips from the Experts

For those of you who were not able to make it, we’ve brought a little bit of the event back for you to experience. Here are a few Jessicurl product styling tips from Dr. Kari Williams, renowned trichologist and founder of Mahogany Revolution, that were demonstrated and explained at the event:

  1. For thicker, coarser hair types,  enhance the curl by twisting the hair and allowing it to set. For added volume and texture, after twisting the hair, group twists together in small sections and create bantu knots. Allow them to set. When you undo the knots, your twists and twist-out will have extra body and curl.
  2. To add length to twists, first blow dry hair using a heat protectant. Use medium heat to stretch curls, and then twist the hair using styling products. For twists on tighter curl patterns and coarser hair textures, use the Jessicurl Aloeba conditioner or Jessicurl Too Shea conditioner. Thicker hair types and tighter curl patterns are also advised to use Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment after every shampoo.
  3. Add the Jessicurl Oil Blend to conditioner  for extra lubrication during conditioning. You’ll get a deep condition and hot oil treatment at once. The oil can also be massaged into hair prior to twisting the hair for additional lubrication. For super dry hair, massage oil into hair prior to shampooing and allow it to sit for two to three minutes.
  4. To enhance your curls, prep hair with Jessicurl Rockin Ringlets then follow up with Jessicurl Confident Coils. For thicker hair types use the Jessicurl Aloeba Daily Conditioner for more definition.
  5. Add volume and remove moisture from your hair by using a hair diffuser.

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Final thoughts

Check out some of our favorite snaps from the Kim Coles/CurlyNikki Grow Out Challenge Celebration!