Q&A with Ouidad, the Queen of Curl

Dear Ouidad: I really need help! I am a 13-year-old girl, and you can only imagine how much my looks mean to me! My entire life I have been struggling with my curly curly hair! I guess you could say that my hair is a mix of soft curls (3a) and kinky (4). I have gotten Keratin treatments, relaxers, and unfortunately I do sometimes straighten my hair when it's damp to get my curls out! My hair is thin, and strawberry blond! I have two pieces near my scalp that are VERY VERY KINKY and even when I shower my hair does not even get straight in the shower! And when I get out of the shower I gel and slick back my hair into a high pony tail, just hoping the curls will tame out! It usually does the trick but I am getting really sick of it, especially because it is ruining my hair! I cry almost every day that I shower because I hate my hair!! I have even considered surgery because it is terrible! The two pieces near my scalp are terribly short and curly from brushing it and putting product on it so much! I simply just do not know what to do with my hair!! And I have used about every kind of product you could imagine!! I am telling you this because I do not know what to do! I just want my curls to go away! This is my last hope if you could help me, it would be a miracle to me!

A: Curly texture is beautiful when you embrace it and don’t fight it. By continuing to straighten your hair you are causing further damage. I recommend that you stop all of the abuse to your hair and start to rebuild the curls. Deep treatments can really help repair the damage and put you on the path to healthier curls. Be sure to use a wide-toothed comb when detangling to avoid breakage. To help with the tighter, kinky spots around your hairline you can visit my salon for a softening treatment. Above all else, curls are unique and beautiful and I hope you will learn to embrace them for everything they are!


I'm right there with you :) I'm 24 & I'm just learning to leave it alone & let my hair be natural. I've straightened it my whole styling life & still, to this very second, catch myself feeling pangs of envy when I see a woman with that perfectly smooth, soft, straight hair... It's a journey & you have to learn to love yourself the way you are! I'm sure you're beautiful... What you don't realize is that all those girls with straight hair are JEALOUS!! It's a process I'm still learning... Just don't give up! :)

oh my, let me just start by saying i used to cry in the shower too and everyday having to get ready for high school was hell.. i would spend HOURS getting it just right with little to no frizz and sure enough by the 3 o'clock bell my pony tail would be HUGE! especially when everyone had to touch it! I was teased soooo bad growing up and for many years was the outcast which im sure happens to you but equally i had a lot of people tell me over the years it was pretty and i soon learned how much women pay to have hair like us.. conditioner is your BEST FRIEND! use it FULL FORCE and dont wash it all out! it will way down your hair and help with the frizz. i admit i bleached my hair and straightened it for a long time and now that i realized its not really the look for me my curls just arnt the same. so as hard as it is to hear try to be thankful for your curls.. grow your hair long..longer the heavier! and be happy girlee if i made it i know you can!!!! ps sum of my fav products are..Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell (i use this for curly and straight hair) and Secret Weapon by Frizz Ease (good for mid day frizz relief) or Zarren Conditioner..

It wasn't long ago I felt the same way about my hair (I'm 21 now). So believe me when I say that it's about time you stop fighting and start embracing what you have. As soon as I started embracing my curls I started feeling more confident about myself and my hair started to look better and better (at first it looked really weird). And over the years I've found the products I like and how I like to style it. For prom my hair took less than 10 min to style; my friends had to use tons of hairspray and it took about an hour with a curling iron to get the same look. Being different never gets easier but when you start being proud of what you have you will see that other people will respect you more for it. Besides, curls are SO popular now. Just take a look at some red carpet pictures.

It sounds like your hair needs more moisture left in. Put in some conditioner and then the gel on top of it. It'll take about 2 weeks to a month to see a difference but it will help. Also, lay off SLS shampoos. Visit the curltalk forums.