Dear CurlySuzy: Thanks so much for all of this great advice. I am trying to decide between the John Masters shampoo/conditioner or HPO shampoo/conditioner. Do you prefer one over the other? Also, for the deep conditioners you say to apply heat. How do I do that?

Dear Allison: The best way to apply heat is to put a plastic shower cap over the deep conditioner and sit under a hooded dryer. Of course both of those items might be things you do not have. Wrapping saran wrap over your hair and using a regular hair dryer will work (great upper arm work out”>. I have even put the plastic over my head and then put a warm hat on and done yoga. The heat from your head will do the trick. Only in the privacy of my home do I do any of these! Try to do the heat method for 30 minutes and then follow with a cool rinse.

If I had to pick between the John Masters Organic Evening Primrose Shampoo and the HPO Hair and Body Shampoo I think I would pick the John Masters. That is a hard choice, though. Maybe when you run out, switch to the other.

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