In 2013 you could not escape the pixie cut. Women of all hairtypes were marching into salons armed with pixie cut inspiration (including our own editor Cristina). As the pixie brigade began to the grow out process, a new trend emerged: the "Wob," which is short for the "Wavy Bob." Celebrities like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, and Jennifer Lawrence have all been rocking notable wobs, making it an undeniable It Girl haircut.

Wob? What's That?

Taking the place of the "Lob" (long bob) this style has been seen all over celebrities and common folks alike. This cut manages to be both sophisticated and playful, and the good news is that it is universally flattering and work for nearly every face shape!

The wob has a lot of bounce and body and can make the women wearing it appear more youthful and younger. It is a wavy chin or shoulder sweeping cut and is carefree, flowing and by all accounts very easy to style. Though this may be shorter than you've ever gone before, you still have the safety net of being able to pull it back into a little ponytail if desired.

A lot of people who fear going all the way with a pixie cut are opting to test out the waters with a wob, because the grow out process is shorter and less harrowing. If you have a lot of damaged, your ends are stressed beyond repair, now may be a nice time to cut them loose so you can rock the wob or lob style and then grow out healthy, undamaged hair.

How to get a wob

The first step is to get the right cut. If you have wavy or curly hair then it is best to work closely with a stylist you trust who has plenty of experience with wavy and curly hair. Your hair isn't going to behave the same way as straight, fine hair so your stylist needs to account for your curl pattern, width and density. For example, if you want your hair to be Jennifer's length, then you will likely need the hair to be cut longer to allow for shrinkage. If you're in need of a trust-worthy stylist, use our Salon Finder to find a curly stylist in your area and read reviews before you make your decision. If your stylist is skilled and honest, then they will let you know how your individual curls will behave in this cut and shape during your consultation, and you can decide if you'd like to move forward with it.

When it comes to styling the wob, there are a huge variety of options available, from tousled, choppy waves to a more sleek and polished curl.  All can be easily achieved with just a handful of tools and products.

For straight hair

If you are looking to enhance the texture of straighter hair you can try a texture spray such as Living Proof Texture Mist or Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray. If you still need need help creating the wave through your hair, use a heat protectant spray and a big barrel curling wand, at least 1" in diameter. Wrap the hair loosely around it starting at eye level and leave the ends out so that they do not curl.

For wavy hair

This haircut is perfect for wavy hair, as you can get away with minimal styling. When you wash your hair, be sure to dry it with a t-shirt or microfiber towel and then simply keep your hands off your hair while it air dries. If your waves are looser or tighter than Jennifer Lawrence's, you may want to shape a few of the face framing waves with a curling wand. A heatless way to achieve a similar look is by braiding or creating a loose pin curl with a bobby pin and a little bit of styling product while your hair is drying. Just be sure to leave the ends out when you curl or pin curl your hair if you're going for the straight and piecey look that Jennifer Lawrence has. For naturally wavy and curly hair it will be more practical to let your waves and curls do their thing and curl at the ends as they normally would. Balms like AG Beach Bomb and TIGI Curlesque Amplifier give the perfect amount of hold for this look.

For curly hair

If you want to elongate tighter curls into waves try Original Moxie Shape Shifter Reforming Creme or Curly Hair Solutions Extenzz. Depending on your curl pattern, this cut may require you to stretch your curls with a stretching style, here are a few of our favorites. If your hair is naturally much curlier than Jennifer Lawrence's, then this is going to be a high maintenance look for you to style, so think about your current daily routine and decide if this cut fits in with your lifestyle.

A wob looks nice with or without bangs and you can play up your part- side or center to add even more versatility to the look.

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