Kate Middleton tiara

Kate with the famous "Halo" tiara.

Things went off without a hitch at Westminster Abbey today, with Prince William marrying Kate Middleton in typical grand royal fashion. The couple, now known as William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, made their way from the abbey to Buckingham Palace in a 109-year-old carriage, where the couple finally shared the traditional balcony kiss (those royals are so shy when it comes to PDA). The former Ms. Middleton wore a dress designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

The Tiara

For those of us who planned our own royal wedding as little girls, here are the deets on that tiara! Kate wore the famous Cartier “Halo” tiara which was crafted in 1936. King George VI (you know, the monarch spotlighted in the movie "The King's Speech" for his stutter) purchased the tiara for his wife, Elizabeth. Their daughter, Queen Elizabeth, received it as an 18th birthday present, when she was but a mere princess. The beautiful, delicate tiara was lent to Kate for her wedding by the Queen.

Kate Middleton's Bridal Hairstyle

With her casual elegance and natural beauty, we wouldn't be surprised to see brides everywhere wearing similar styles this wedding season. Stylist Anna Craig, of Trashy Roots Salon, gives us how-to, step by step instructions on getting Kate's wedding hairstyle (she'll always be Kate to us).

1. Do a big blow out with a volumizing mousse and a large round brush.

2. Part your hair on the side—if you do it with more exaggeration, it will create more drama. Then, spray your entire head with an aerosol hair spray so your hair will hold its shape and curl.

3. Using an inch and a half curling iron, section your hair and start at the bottom and curl all of your hair. Be careful not to over-curl your hair or you will get a ringlet look—you want loose, flowing curls.

4. Pull back each side and lightly twist and secure with a bobby pin, but do not let the pin show.

5. When finished, spray hairspray all over with a fine mist to hold your regal style all night.

Not everyone gets, or wants, a bona fide prince, but you, too can have the hairstyle of a princess—er, Duchess. As for her makeup? You'll have to ask her yourself—Kate did her own makeup for the wedding.