Dear CurlySuzy: I have decided to go natural with my hair. I let it grow to an optimal length. Got it cut at Devachan last month and they gave me great styling instruction — now I just need the right styling product(s).

My hair is wavy/curly, thick, coarse with a strong tendency to frizz/pouf. (Type 2c I think.)

I’m looking for water-soluble products since I wash my hair only once a week – but am open to hearing about any products.

I’ve used Deva Arc AnGell — the hold is nice at first but frizz is still there and somehow after about 5 hours the product seems to completely disappear from my hair and I lose ALL curl definition and hold. Puzzling and frustrating.

I also purchased Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets and Curl Confidence. I tried them each separately and in combination— and though the product smelled and felt great, it did not hold curl or control frizz for me.

I’m happy you’re available for questions. Blindly purchasing and trying products is getting expensive for me.

I’m hoping you can help. I’ve got a great cut and believe I’m just a product away from great hair!

Dear Jeanette: I am happy to make suggestions for your new curly cut. I think you need some more styling power in your products. Jessicurl isn't going to do it for you unless you use those exactly like she suggests. She has some good styling videos on YouTube that can help possibly.

In regards to the Arc AnGell, that one works best if you spray a few pumps of Set It Free in the palms of your hands first and then pour the Arc AnGEL in to that. This is a popular combination.

I have some ideas about some other products that I will list below. I hope this helps and please email me if you have more questions.

This is a great combination of a leave-in conditioner and mousse. Both of these products are very concentrated, so go easy. These products used together offer a lot of hold and frizz control. They will dry with a glaze, so just gently SOTCH (scrunch out the crunch). Be careful — if you scrunch too much you will lose the curls and get frizz.

These two products work really well together. They are a super popular combination and have received rave reviews on our product review section.

Apply a lot of the Curl Keeper (order the 4 oz. size to try it) on very wet hair. It should make a squashy sound when you are scrunching in the product. This is a unique leave-in conditioner that works best with AG Re:coil. The Re:coil is a curl cream that has great holding power. Apply small amount in sections.

This is another great combination for your curl type. Using these two products together is the only way to use them effectively. Pour Structura Lotion first then half the amount of Control ll Gel into the palm of your hand and apply in sections. They will dry with a glaze, just scrunch a little bit and you will have soft, defined curls.

I don't know if you like pomades or are interested in the, but they can help. This pomade is good for frizzy ends and adding midday moisture. You can also use on curls when they are dry for scrunching out the glaze left by your styling products.