Miley Cyrus

Whether you like her or not, you have to admit: Miley Cyrus is one of the biggest pop stars out there these days! Now I personally love her TV show, “Hannah Montana.” But one thing about it has always bothered me. Why does Miley have the gorgeous, brunette curls, while her pop star alter ego, Hannah Montana, has straight, blond locks?

It’s almost as if Disney is telling us that straight, blonde hair is the most glamorous ‘do out there, which certainly isn’t true. It wouldn’t be the first time Disney sent that message, if you remember “Princess Diaries.” And unfortunately, this seems to be a trend in everything geared toward girls out there. For instance, Barbie is aimed at very young girls in preschool and kindergarten, and she has practically the same hairstyle as Hannah Montana! Cinderella starts out with blonde curls, but goes under a makeover and suddenly has a perfectly neat bun.

Hannah Montana

American Idol contestants seem to undergo similar makeovers too. Last year’s winner, Jordin Sparks, started out with tight curls, and left the competition with much looser, curling-iron-made locks. On the cover of her new album, her curls are practically nonexistent! This year, Carly Smithson sports very fake-looking, loose curls, but childhood photos show her with tight, Shirley Temple ringlets!

Even older famous curly girls such as Nicole Kidman have lost their curls over the years. When Nicole entered Hollywood, she had beautiful, tight, red curls, but today has a much looser blond coif.

The list of celebrities whose curls lose their curliness never seems to end, and it’s sad that straight hair is often seen as more glamorous than curls. But no matter what style the celebs show, I’ll always show my curls! For me, curls are always “in!”

Gretchen Heber

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