jazmine fenlator

NaturallyCurly: Tell us about your curly hair journey. When did you go natural and why?

Jazmine: I have been natural and curly my entire life. I have never used product to change the texture and I have never worn extensions or weave.

Have you ever received negative comments about your hair?

Jazmine: When I was younger I did receive negative comments, such as nappy, wild, crazy, why is your hair like that, etc. They were mostly from school kids who were unaware and ignorant.

What are your thoughts about the droves of women accepting their naturally wavy, curly, and coily textures?

Jazmine: I think it is still very tough for women to accept their natural hair. What makes it tough is the past perception of curly natural hair women, which has altered so much now that they have the urge or confidence to go natural and accept the potential of a grueling transitioning process. Curly all the way! I love the ringlets and coils in my natural curls.

How do you protect your hair from the cold?

Jazmine: I protect my hair with strong conditioners that are free of drying alcohols and harsh chemicals.  I limit use of shampoos on my hair and try to deep condition weekly.

How do you style your hair when you're exercising?

Jazmine: My hair is quite short. I am in the process of growing it out after making a drastic cut two years ago. I just leave it in a curly fro while I exercise.  As it gets longer I’ll use a headband or a beanie hat in the winter.

We've heard from a lot of women who don't want to exercise because it interferes with their hair routine. What advice do you have for them?

Jazmine: You don’t necessarily have to wash it more. Try and keep hair in its most natural state while exercising. If it is long do not pull and brush it back in a tight ponytail. Try and keep it pulled back loose or use a headband. Also, keep a water spray bottle with you and some leave conditioner or styling balm so that you can freshen up your curls post workout session. It is not necessary to submerge hair in water and wash it every time.

Being an Olympian calls for a hectic schedule. What are your go-to styles?

Jazmine: My go-to styles are natural and loose or headband and loose. If I want a more tailored look I'll wear a side part and pulled back in a ponytail

What are your must-have products?

Jazmine: My must-have products include: Biolage Matrix Aqua Immersion Creme MasqueSolange style taffy, and Mizani Supreme Oil Hair Treatment.

What's your favorite moment being at the Sochi Olympics?

Jazmine: My favorite moment was finishing the race and getting out of the car to a cry of friends and family members of teammates, and fans screaming my name, USA, waving flags, chanting, and being so happy, honored, proud, and excited. I was overjoyed with emotions and at that moment no matter my result, I finally realized I am an Olympian!

Do you have any advice for young women who aspire to be Olympians? 

Jazmine: The biggest yet simple advice I can give young women is just the truth. The road is far from easy. There are often going to be more lows than highs. There will be time when you feel like you took one step forward and three steps back but to be brutally honest, those that are privileged and honored to become Olympians are those who continue to believe in themselves and push through to accomplish their goals of success.

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