Jill Scott graced the stage Monday, December 19, during the VH1’s Divas Celebrate Soul show with flawless performances and a stunning new hairstyle.

This year, “Divas” brought recognition to some of the top soul cities in the world and highlighted their influences on the music industry. Jill, a Philadelphia native, captivated the crowd with her stunning ballad, “Hear My Call,” where she controlled the stage with ethereal grace and elegance. The soulful songstress performed several times during the evening, but it was her natural style and flair that stole the show.

A hot new style trend was revealed during the “Divas” showcase. Never afraid of changing up her style, Jill Scott combined classic and chic into one of the most unique styles of the evening. She flaunted shaved sides with two strand twists rolled up into a bold updo.

I say this was a fabulous style, and she pulled it off wonderfully! Confidence radiated on her face and through all of her powerful performances. This signature style is sure to generate a buzz throughout the natural hair community.

If you aren’t afraid to brave the clippers, this style will definitely set you apart in the crowd! You can add extensions to the middle section to create the volume that Jill has achieved.

For those who don’t want to drastically cut their hair, you don’t have to be left out of style. You can recreate this look with flat twists on the sides going towards the back, then flat twist the back up towards the crown. Tuck, roll, and pin the hair in place on top of your head. If you’re rocking a twist out, you can even leave the top loose, creating a textured, structured up-do.

Want More?

This style totally reminds us of Cassidy’s new “damned” ‘do! Check it out!

Final Thoughts

Thank you Jill Scott for giving us impeccable style inspiration! Happy styling!

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