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What was your relationship with your natural hair growing up?

JT from the City Girls is carving her own lane in the beauty world with her newest KISS Colors & Care collaboration. As a brand dedicated to celebrating individual self-expression through high-quality hair products, JT brings her own unique style to the collection. JT’s love for different hairstyles has kept her a pro at switching up her look and vibe. Her passion for braids, stunning updos, and gorgeous locks make her the perfect advocate for the new KISS Colors & Care styling products. The new styling collection includes Braid, Loc and Twist stylers, Edge Fixer Wax sticks, and Reversible Premium Crepe Satin Hair Bonnet Super Jumbo and Braid Bonnet.

I wouldn’t describe it as nappy, but I would say brittle. My hair was so brittle because of the perms, but now that I don’t do them anymore, it is softer than ever. I have type 4c hair and it’s beautiful, soft, and it’s so cute now.

Did you have any women you looked for hair inspiration growing up?

Growing up, most of the women that I looked up to were wearing weaves which I saw with groups I loved like Destiny’s Child.  Like growing up. I couldn’t get my hair like theirs growing up because they were wearing weaves although sometimes Beyoncé would do the blonde braids in the front and the curly hair in the back. That was my favorite hairstyle to get done by my stylist growing up and I wore it every year up until middle school. I really, really liked how Alicia Keys used to wear her hair with braids and the afro on the side. My stepmom used to braid hair so that was an achievable style. I couldn’t get the little Kim hair because we were on a budget but I could get the capelli hair with the blue magic hair grease and my stepmom would crochet it in.

Why did you choose KISS Colors for a haircare partnership?

Well, KISS Colors is a big, big brand and I feel like I’m a big brand as well so it was a perfect marriage. You see KISS colors everywhere from their accessories, hair products, and makeup and it was a big part of upbringing. I remember running into Walgreens shopping for hair, makeup, or lashes and really being captivated by their beauty products. It was a dream come true to partner with KISS Colors because it felt like an “I made it” moment. I love their edge control, scarves, and headbands, they were such a big part of my childhood and now I get to collaborate with them for my own collection.

What was the collaboration process like with Kiss Colors?

It was a very 50/50 process because we both came together and identified the products that would be perfect for me to collaborate on. I think my favorite segment is that they’re starting their own wig products which was the most exciting part. I personally needed more products for my braids, edges, and wigs, especially my edges which is where the edge control came into play. The apple-scented edge control is my favorite, but all of their products have a sweet smell I enjoy because there are a lot of products that I’ve tried in the past and it’s just after a while your hair starts to stink. You don’t want to go around, you know your partner or a group of friends, and then your hair starts to stink because of the product. 

How do you practice maintaining healthy hair between weaves, wigs, and extensions?

Well, my hair when I take down my hair, I always get my hair washed and a hot oil treatment. I’m about to get one today and then I sew my hair in and let my hair breathe or my hairstylist always oils my braids between wearing wigs. I also enjoy a good deep conditioning treatment and make sure I trim my hair all the time. 

How do you achieve a balance between wearing wigs, weaves, and braids with your natural hair?

It definitely depends on the event. If I’m not on the stage then I will wear my natural baby hairs out and put them out on a sew-in or braids. But if I’m performing and I’m not wearing braids then I have to wear a wig because of the sun and me bouncing around with my natural hair would just frizz up. The sun, humidity, and my hair don’t really get along so I have to wear a wig for performances. 

You have amazing edges, what’s the secret to keeping them slick and laid down?

When wigs first came out, I don’t think we knew how to properly take them off without damaging our edges. Now I can wear a wig, take my wigs off and wear a leave-out like tonight with my real hair. I won’t have any tan lines, bald spots, or damage. 

I love to lay my edges down with the KISS Color cheetah brush, it’s gonna fight the edges back. You need something that’s gonna fight back with your edges like some brushes will not lay your edges down and you’ll be swooping forever. Just came from. Personally, I love products that are light and can help my edges still maintain a natural look. I don’t like looking like I have black gel on my edges from back in the day, you always you got to keep it cute. You don’t want to be laying your edges with a Colgate brush. 

We’re coming into the hotter months, what’s your ideal protective style for the summer?

I would say a wig because they are versatile and you can swap it out depending on your mood for the day. I just love to have fun with wigs because you can change the colors, flat iron them 100 times without any damage and I don’t have to commit to a certain color. Check out the new collection from KISS Colors and JT available at,, and select Walmart and CVS stores.

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