Kellie Pickler shaves her head on Good Morning America

Ready for the latest celebrity big chop? This past Tuesday, September 4, brought yet another dramatic celebrity makeover. Country singer and American Idol alum, Kellie Pickler, shaved her blonde locks, tweeting, “It’s been a great life-changing day.”

Pickler’s new look isn’t a cry for help, per Britney Spears’ 2007 buzz. She isn’t preparing for a movie role, nor is she looking for a drastic, Miley-esque change. The singer chose to sport a peach fuzz hairdo in solidarity with her childhood friend, Summer Miller, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in June. Miller, age thirty-five, has already undergone a double mastectomy and will begin chemotherapy today.

The video she released to “Good Morning America” shows the two friends sitting side-by-side, having their hair buzzed off together. Miller had decided to shave her head before chemo, explaining, “I was told that it was mentally much easier to do it this way than to wake up with my hair on my pillow… I’m really not that apprehensive about shaving my head. It is hair and it will grow back.”

Makeover for a Cause

Kellie Pickler and her friend are trying to raise awareness for the importance of early detection, which is often the difference between an early-stage tumor and a fatal tumor. Because Miller’s family had a history of breast cancer, she was cautious about self-examinations and asked her doctor about a mammogram. Luckily, her tumor was discovered at an early stage. She will undergo chemotherapy to ensure that the tumor doesn’t return.

“Cancer does not discriminate,” said Pickler. “If this compels even one person to change their mentality toward waiting until the age of forty for their mammogram, then it will be worth it,” Summer Miller finished, encouraging viewers to take charge of their health.

Kellie Pickler’s courage and loyalty is an inspiration to all of us here in the NaturallyCurly community and we think she looks just as fabulous with her new ‘do. Much love to her and her best friend Summer Miller, as she goes through another round of treatment.

Claire Aviles


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