kim vo

Beth's usual curly look.

I was headed towards dirty dread town (not that there is anything wrong with that) but still, pitied the stylist who had to put me back together.

Lucky for me, the delightful hair color guru from Hollywood Celebrity land—Kim Vo—has a salon in the Mirage.

I made an appointment for an overhaul on nails, makeup and a hair style and it was surprisingly affordable.

kim vo

Beth's Kim Vo-straightened look.

My hairdresser at Kim Vo worked some kind of magic on me using Keratase products, one being the Masquintense deep conditioner and all of the Oleo Relax products which seemed to work well, although I can't get this same affect at home for whatever reason.

Kim Vo's staff is delightful, and although I did not get to meet the man himself, he was on site that weekend. He is apparently very hands-on despite his high profile. His employees seem to really adore him and love their jobs. They took a lot of time with me and invited me back later in the day for touch ups.

I'm pretty certain I have never looked better than I did that day, makeup wise, although it was an alternative version of me in the hair department.

What I like most about straight-hair blow outs is when the curl starts to return (5 minutes later), because it's a different looser kind of curl that I love, too. My hair stayed wonderful for several days with just a quick run-over with a big curling iron and Kerastase anti-frizz serum. I like these products but I don't see a difference really in them relaxing my curl at home. I think that's the art of the blow dry, although I do appreciate and sometimes miss the texture that came from my Kim Vo experience. I recommend trying them out when in Vegas.

Beth is a marketing maven in Austin, Texas. She popped into the NaturallyCurly offices one day, told us about her Kim Vo experience and we just had to have her write about it! Have you had a Kim Vo experience? Tell us about in the comments area below!