Gretchen, Christo and Michelle

In September, Curlisto launched a DVD with styling lessons for clients. The DVD gives tips on product application and styling tips to create beautiful curls. It includes a demonstration of a curly doing her own hair. For more information, check out To purchase Curlisto products, visit CurlMart.

For years, Gretchen and I have listened enviously as members have shared their fabulous hair experiences at some of New York's top curl salons. During our trip, we got to experience it ourselves. Every morning, we were transported to Christo Fifth Avenue, where Christo was waiting to transform us. During the process, we got a lesson from one of the best about how to make our curls look their best.

Michelle's experience

For a headband-dependent person like myself, I was skeptical that he could do anything with my mop of frizz the first morning I arrived. Christo, an impeccably dressed man who makes everybody feel immediately comfortable in his cozy, feng-shui-designed salon, didn't appear concerned in the least. He wet and conditioned my hair and led me back to his chair, which looks out onto Fifth Avenue. He raked in some Curlisto Repair Styling Cream to sections of hair and then applied quarter-sized dollops of Structura Gel to sections of hair. He took small sections and shook them -- a technique that miraculously created large ringlets.

One of the biggest lessons I learned was how to use clips to give height to my crown -- a major problem area for me. Beginning at the back, he took the clips and snapped them onto my crown. He used around six clips on the top and side. Then he popped me under a dryer for a few minutes. Then it was diffusing time. First he diffused the back of my hair. Then he had me bend forward, and diffused the front. I was then instructed to flip my hair back.

He then took some Curlisto Unruly Paste and rubbed it into his hands and twisted my hair back, as if he were going to pin it up. When he let go of it, my hair fell perfectly into shiny, frizz-free ringlets. I couldn't believe it! No headband. No clip. And my hair has never looked that good.

Gretchen's experience

Unruly Paste