Let Syesha be Syesha!

2010-05-18 10:09:18

Let Syesha be Syesha!

Once again, "American Idol" shows its aversion to curls and kinks

Syesha curly

We've come to expect it from American Idol. Beautiful girls with curls are transformed, week by week, into cookie-cutter, straight-haired lookalikes.

Syesha straight

First season, there was Tamyra Gray. Season 2, Kimberley Locke got the Idol treatment — her wild ringlets becoming tamer by the week. Jennifer Hudson got the straight makeover in Season 3, always to the rave reviews of judges who seem to feel uncomfortable with any kind of texture. At least they let Season 4's Nadia Turner rock her curls, but they tamed down Carrie Underwood's Botticelli long waves. Season 5's Lisa Tucker didn't make it far enough for them to get their flatiron onto her long curls. Jordin Sparks, who came onto the scene with her big voice and big, amazing ringlets, now rarely sports any texture after her Idol makeover. And now there's Syesha Mercado — beautiful Syesha. Her amazing 'fro is a part of her unique style.

They wouldn't think of messing with Jason Castro's long dreadlocks. Yet they can't keep their hands off Syesha's hair, attaching extensions and eliminating any sign of a curl or kink.

American Idol, at its core, is a talent competition. And Syesha has loads of it. Let her do what she does best, without sacrificing her natural beauty.



I had the same comment recently about ANTM - America's Next Top Model. It's sad that we are frowned upon for wearing what natrually grows from our heads.
I wonder if they would eject a competitor from the competition if they refused to sacrifice their curls...
I'm not black but I totally agree! I think it's racist and offensive that Hollywood and the mainstream beauty industry continue to propagate the tired old "straighter is better" beauty standard. Give it a rest already, America!
This is BS! I'm tired of black, female celebrities sporting 10 lbs. of weave just to appeal to a wider audience. Why can't we just be accepted for who we are? We are black people and this is the type of hair god gave us. If more black women refused to get weaves or straighten their hair then kinky/curly hair textures would become more acceptable.