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Cosmos, fashion, big hair – oh my! Sex and the City is back and more lavish and outrageous than ever. The Fab Four are doing it big in the second installment of the highly anticipated movie series, and although the quality of the summer blockbuster’s story plot is in debate amongst Sex-y gals everywhere (I’m neutral since I haven’t even seen it), one

thing is for sure: the ladies look better than ever! And this time around we—more than anyone—are super psyched to see all four women sporting curls and waves galore in all the promos. Reinventing her curly do once more is head honcho Carrie, who looks to be wearing a more natural, luscious curl. I made my way back to Trashy Roots salon in Round Rock, Texas to get “Carried” away and to pass along some tips to help you do the same at home!

With Master Stylist Anna

Master stylist and owner Anna Craig was my stylist for the day and she made sure I had oodles of fun again at Trashy Roots. After a wash and dry, Anna got started on curling my hair with a Chi flat iron. She sprayed my hair down with some Pravana Super Shape Hair spray and then got started. I was surprised to see how incredibly FAST the whole process went with the flat iron! Considering my length and thickness, it was nearly unbelievable the rate she was doing my hair! I probably spent more time waiting for my hair to dry than actually getting my hair curled. After it was all finished, Anna pieced it through with some more product and ta-da—all finished!

The final result was simply gorgeous! I was absolutely in love with my curls because they were so polished and luxurious looking. Because Anna curled my hair inwards, it all laid so beautifully and the look was really effortless. I had a lot of voluptuous body and plenty of “oompf” factor! What was also really amazing was the versatility a flat iron gives you while curling your hair. Anna showed me exactly how to slightly alter the tightness of the curl by just changing how quickly you run the iron through the hair. Also, Pravana really impressed me again with its high-quality products. I have to say that I’m super wary of hairspray because I’ve never had an experience where it didn’t leave my hair sticky and crunchy. So, when Anna started dousing my hair with the Pravana Super Shape, I was a tad bit worried about whether my hair would even flicker in the wind. But I really couldn’t believe after I was all done just how incredibly SOFT my hair was – yes, SOFT! There was absolutely no crunch, and yet a lot of great hold and body.

All finished!

Needless to say, I had another fabulous time at Trashy Roots and learned a lot of cool, new tricks to achieve a gorgeous look! Check out the video and pictures from my day! And don’t forget to see how Trashy Roots gave another gal a sweet, sophisticated look just like Charlotte’s from SATC 2!

Ready For SATC2!