All the celebrity stylists keep telling us that texture is in this spring as a major trend, but we had yet to see anyone on the Red Carpet really rocking the style other than Viola Davis and her TWA.

However, Miley Cyrus has stepped in as the forerunner in the textured hair trend sporting a slight balayaged, wavy bob. Not to mention, these looks like her natural waves! So often, we have to report on how to get a celebrity's curly style, even though her look is a wig or was done via curling iron, but not this time!

Miley's classic and laid-back look might have been touched up here and there with a curling rod, but there is no way heat was applied for long. Given the absence of ringlets and the honest wave she has going on, I'm happy to report that this look is genuine.

So wavies, do you want to steal it? Of course you do! Aside from getting a bobbed cut and a balayaged color, here is what you can do to get Celebrity Fight Night waves like hers.

  1. Pump up the volume: After shampooing (or co-washing) and conditioning your hair, apply a curl defining mousse, like Moroccan Oil, and then clip up your roots. Seriously, Miley is rocking some great root volume and the only way natural waves can achieve that is via duck bill clips. Using about five to eight clips (you can't have too many), pick up your roots and clip them in place. This will ensure that gravity doesn't detract from possible root volume and waves that so many type 2s desire.
  2. Touch up: Not all waves are equal! Once your hair is dry, either by air drying or using a diffuser, use a curling rod on the lowest heat setting and wrap unformed waves around the thick part of the rod for NO MORE than five seconds. Any longer will create ringlets, which will take away from the natural look. Only do about two to three waves on each side and on the back of your head. You don't want perfect waves, you want mostly defined waves.
  3. Finish it off: Unless you are a stickler to the CG (curly girl) method, you have probably already figured out that silicones aren't a bad things for wavies. Aside from explaining why exactly that is, silicones help to coat your hair and protect it from harsh elements, thus reducing frizz. So, finish off with a paraben-free shine spray (silicones included) to keep frizz at bay and waves shining all night! Just be sure to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to rid your scalp of the build-up and you are good to go.

Aside from her rocking waves, I can't help but notice her tan and the slight burn on her arm. Perhaps it is the fantastic, pastel coloring of the dress that I WANT TO OWN RIGHT NOW, but Miley pulled this look together and looks dazzling from all angles.

What do you think of the star's wavy 'do, spring fashion and summertime tan?