Mixed Chicks, an L.A.-based manufacturer of products for curly and kinky hair, is sponsoring the 2007 Macy Gray Big tour.

Big is largely considered as Gray’s comeback album, after a four-year hiatus since her last studio album.

A Mixed Chicks representative said, “Macy’s unique style fits with our company image. She’s classy and anything but average.”

Big has been critically acclaimed and seen as Gray’s best work yet. It features collaborations with Natalie Cole, Fergie, Justin Timberlake, and will.i.am, who co-executive produced the album with Gray.

The always edgy Macy Gray began 2007 at a concert in Barbados where she got in a bit of trouble for using profanity (which was part of the show”>, but she wasn’t aware that it was against the law in that country. She handled the situation with class, and gave a public apology that night to the fans and Barbados. March saw the release of Gray’s fourth studio album (sixth overall”>, entitled Big. Two singles, “Finally Made Me Happy” and “Shoo Be Doo”, have been released from the album. “What I Gotta Do”, another track from the album, is featured on the Shrek the Third soundtrack.

Gray recently opened up a music academy called The Macy Gray Music Academy and it was the scene of MTV’s Punk’d because of black mold in the building. Gray has been highly praised for her work with the academy, and has given underprivileged children and teenagers the chance to perform.

The Big tour kicks off in Hollywood, Fla. Aug.; 14 with about 20 dates to follow. For more information, go here.


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