Yes, there is now a list that ranks the curly hair styles of celebrities, thanks to the hair care company CurlFriends, which custom makes professional products for naturally curly and permed hair. Oprah Winfrey’s robust ringlets have earned her the title of “Best CurlFriend 2004,” beating out such competition as Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Beyonce.

"My favorite curls of the year are worn by Oprah. Her new chin-length bob with a full head of soft, spiral curls is absolutely fabulous and she looks fantastic, youthful and healthy," says Soddu, CurlFriends' Chief Curl Consultant. "What Oprah, Nicole, Catherine and Beyonce have in common is their gorgeous curls -- and the fact that they are among the most beautiful and recognizable women in the world."

Other curly celebrity hairstyles noted by CurlFriends include those worn by Gabrielle Union, Kate Beckinsale and Laura Linney.

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