Serena Williams and her amazing curls

If you have ever thought that your natural hair was stopping you from getting fit and in shape, girl, you are about to be shown up by Serena Williams herself.

Winning her 13 straight match on the clay courts in Madrid, Williams takes a moment to celebrate her victory, her curls only adding to the beauty of the shot.

Using a large headband to keep the sweat out of her eyes and away from her roots, Serena pulls out a huge Mother's Day victory that gives all of us textured hair supporters even more reason to rejoice, which is why THIS is the picture of the day!

Having and maintaining natural hair should never hold you back from proper amounts of exercise that help to maintain the rest of your health. Going natural is about embracing yourself for who you are and learning to love yourself the way that you were naturally created. Proper exercise and diet is a HUGE part of that, and can actually improve the health of your hair as well.

Given that your hair is simply a collection of cells that your body is expelling, your curls are literally what you eat. Do you have habitually dry curls? Drink up some H20. Are your coils lacking shine? Go juice yourself some greens. When it comes to natural hair, it is all relative.

Plus, if you don't get out there and work it out, how will you ever be able to capture a glorious picture like this?

Work it, curlies!