Giving Aevin Dugas, the record holder for the world's largest afro, a run for her money, SNL comedians Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig premiered what is destined to be the world's creepiest "Save the Date" video. The two comedians portray a couple who each, at one point in time, had their own afro. However, after meeting, their "hearts and souls and hair connected." Now, they must get hitched, considering that the only way to separate would be by cutting the manes of which they are so proud.

Kenan Thompson also makes an appearance, with straight blonde hair and a reference to wanting the natural afro that Samberg and Wigg sport.

This video aside, wigs are seriously becoming the hottest trend around, and you know it's gone viral when SNL is mocking it (subliminally).

Samberg and Wiig's Wig