Makeup artist Sonia Kashuk says she was blessed with the "craziest, kookiest curly hair."

Because my hair was so daunting I didn't really know what to do with it, I began tying it up on top of my head," Kashuk says.

Her wild curly bun has become the signature look she's worn for 30 years.

"As I get a little older, and I pull my hair a little tighter," Kashuk says "it's an instant face lift. It is what it is."

Kashuk's no-nonsense approach to her hair can also be seen in the makeup line she created for Target - a line that celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. She wanted to bring high-end cosmetics and accessories directly from manufacturer to store - a luxury product at an affordable price.

Kashuk took time away from her busy schedule to talk with NaturallyCurly about her hair, her makeup and makeup tips for curly girls.

NaturallyCurly: As a curly girl, have you always loved your curls or has it taken time?

Kashuk: As a kid, my mother couldn’t deal with it. I always had my hair short. My mom had five children, so it was one less thing for her to worry about. I’m definitely the curliest of all my siblings. I got the crazy, curly corkscrew hair. It was not until my late teens that I finally grew out my hair. I’d never had long hair. It became a whole different ballgame.

People have always said “You have the coolest hair.” I’m glad I’ve got hair on my head, but you always want what you don’t have. I see these girls with pretty, silky hair and I think that would be amazing. But my hair takes approximately three minutes. I don't wear it differently if I'm wearing sweats or going to a black-tie affair.

NC: Do you ever straighten it?

Kashuk: I think that when I see myself blown out, it’s like 'Who is that person?' I’m so used to volume and bigness. I’m one of those curly haired girls that goes crazy when my hair is smooth. I want to be more natural. I just think if you’re born with this crazy, curly hair, it all looks better the way it’s supposed to. It’s about finding that comfort zone"

NC: What are your favorite hair products?

Kashuk: I’m a huge Oribe fan, especially the Supershine Moisturizing Cream and the Signature Moisture Masque. I wash my hair once a week and condition it once a day. My hair also loves the Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. It's hard to find products that aren’t drying. I can’t stand if anything makes it feel crunchy. It has to appear totally natural.

NC: Do you ever wear your hair down?

Kashuk: Not too often. It’s like a whole other living being.

NC: How often do you get it cut?

Kashuk: My last haircut was in July. You have to cut it like it’s a piece of sculpture.

As soon as someone comes to give me a blunt end, I know they don’t understand curly hair. It’s very low maintenance for me. My deal is I don’t deal.

NC: Tell me about your bun.

Kashuk: I don’t like it if looks too perfect. I like it to look free form and sculptural. I actually prefer when there are a lot of layers so different pieces come out differently. It's like a giant spider on top of my head.

NC: What are some tips you have for curly girls when it comes to makeup?

Kashuk: It so depends. If you wear your hair curly and it’s covering your face, you may want to have a stronger eye or a stronger lip so a feature stands out. Other than that, when I pull my hair up I feel it makes my face more taut and pulls my eyes up. That's a very good thing. I can either wear makeup. Or if you’re exposing your whole face, you can go for a strong smokey eye, with a soft and neutral lip color.

We used to always say do one feature. But now there’s that old classic showgirl face with a strong eye and strong lip. It’s a lot more of a makeup statement. If you want to be a little softer look, you can do that if the eye or lip is the focus. We can each look at our face and know what our strongest feature is. It's all about being in your comfort zone.

NC: Are there things girls should girls should be doing differently than straight-haired women when it comes to makeup?

Kashuk: Not really. It’s no different. The only difference is that curly hair can be so big and overwhelming that you can get lost in it all.

NC: What are your makeup must haves?

Kashuk: I always have some foundation. I love our Perfecting Foundation. We just released a Stick Foundation. I also love bronzer, like our Illuminating Bronzer. I also like to have a great blush and lip color. My whole line is about wearable color. I always say we're on trend, but not trendy.