Celebrity stylist Kenneth Darrell shares his expertise with us in this article.


1. “Iconic Long”

bohemian, hippie chic, long hair look!

(Hair like that of Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker)

Nicole Kidman
Sarah Jessica Parker

Now when we say long, were talking bra-strap length or longer. If you don’t have it or have the time to grow it, and you want it and want it now, you can buy it. The addition of temporary extensions, wefts and various types of length-creating accessories are now as close as your local beauty supply store. Combine these lengths with texture and body, and you are right in the jet stream of what’s hot with hair for ‘09.

2. The Short Bob

(Hair like that of Mena Suvari and Katie Holmes)

Mena Suvari
Katie Holmes

Last year’s just-off-the-shoulder length bob design has undergone a major-length modification. This bob is hottest worn from cheek to chin in length. It has also become less "constructed" and has an edgy feel with a definitive look of movement and action.

3. The Super Short Pixie

(Hair like that of Rihanna and Halle Berry)

Halle Berry

Generally cut with a razor, with extreme jagged textural shape, this super cute design is topped off with baby doll bangs, rendered very short and with impish flair or with an exaggerated long front fringe. This design is the boldest of the trends and requires a strong, confident personality to maximize its potential. When worn this way, it leaves a memorable impression that is hard to forget.

Colors for Spring/Summer '09

Any of these three cut designs can be paired with the color trends for this season to make them “impact” cuts. Colors have taken a turn toward drama, with vibrant reds and outrageous blonds leading the way. This season will be the time to step out and step up. Where some trends in the past have dictated that the natural or blended color are the highlight, this season, “color” can make women feel empowered and “color” will be

noticed from clear across the room!

Tips for Capturing the Trends

  1. Discuss with your stylist which cut, design and color is best suited for you, your lifestyle, and perhaps most important, your personality. It is helpful to do your homework. Collect a few pictures and email them to your stylist, if it’s possible, a few days before your appointment. This will allow your stylist time to review them and give some thought to the direction you wish to go.
  2. Remember, to keep the look, hair has to be maintained. Develop a maintenance plan with your stylist to keep your new style looking fresh. Short hair will need to be shaped every 4-5 weeks and long hair trimmed every 6-8, with a color service generally at every other cut.
  3. Ask your stylist to help you select the right products for your look. There are too many products on the market to “select by guess.” You will need a guide through the “product jungle.”
  4. It’s okay to request extra time at your appointment with your stylist so that he or she can show you how to work with your hair. Even if you pay for this extra time, it will be well worth the investment. Remember, your new cut and color is only as good as your ability to fix it at home on your own.
  5. Show the love...tip your stylist. The quality of your hair service is a direct reflection of how your stylist feels about working with you. Show your excitement and appreciation! Hairstylists are artists and as many of us do, they too crave validation. When it’s time for your next appointment, your stylist will roll out the red carpet for you!

Five Tips to Do-It-Up-Right at Home

(You Can Do-It At Home!)

  1. Invest in quality tools to style your hair. Look for ceramic curling irons, blow dryers with ionic features, and quality brushes that feel good in your hands. Remember, these are the tools you will use every day to prep the most important part of your look…your hair!
  2. Practice makes perfect. Style your hair on your day off when you have time to be a bit more creative. You don’t want to wait until just before an event to test your skills.
  3. Be flexible in your styling. You will never get the exact results twice, and that’s okay. It’s what makes styling hair an art form.
  4. Have your stylist take a couple of photos of your finished style. You can use these pictures later as a reference to recreate the look. (And don’t forget the back!)
  5. Book some "style-out" appointments with your stylist. Have him or her style your hair in different ways with different tools. Take advantage of this time to watch, ask questions and learn, so that YOU can do it at home.

That's a Wrap!

Capturing a hot new hair trend can be one of the most exhilarating feelings there is. You feel sexy and empowered wherever you go, no matter what you’re wearing.

Hair creates more impact than any other aspect of your look. If your hair is beautiful, you can look fantastic in jeans and a t-shirt.

Develop and cultivate a great relationship with a stylist. Your stylist wants to make you a "hair celebrity," so people will say… "Pardon me, but...who does your hair?"

Your stylist can become one of the most important persons in helping you from season to season to bring out the best in your personal style.