Taylor Swift Straightens Her Hair!

2009-12-11 08:10:17

Taylor Swift Straightens Her Hair!

Wow! Tell us if you like Taylor's new look!

taylor swift

Dario Alequin/

Taylor Swift shows off her straight hair.

Taylor Swift is celebrating her latest milestone—with a new hairdo!

The singer - who turns 20 Sunday - was spotted with straight hair while heading out to dinner in NYC.

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Earlier in the day, Swift Twittered: "Photo shoot all day, followed by dinner with [actress] Emma Stone. Then we wandered around a candy store like wide-eyed little kids."

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Swift—who just landed eight Grammy nods—recently wrote on her MySpace blog that the holidays are her "favorite time of year. Hands down."

"I love everything about this time of year, but mostly the way that people find ways to be with the ones they love," wrote Swift, who is dating "New Moon" hottie Taylor Lautner. "And I love sweaters. Everyone is wearing sweaters right now."

— US Magazine



I do not like it. At all.
maybe not so flat next time taylor, but the change is nice
I don't really like the straight look. I mean, it's okay to switch up every once and awhile like I do, but I really hope it's not permanent.
Her hair sorta looks like a wig, but it may just be the picture. The straight hair gives her a different look. I liked the curly better.
Wow, just because you wear your hair straight doesn't mean that you conform yo society. Maybe some curlies just LIKE straight hair better on them and they are not trying to fit in or please anyone including YOU.
I think she just did her hair just how everyone goes to the salon to get their hair blowed out once in a blue moon. so yeah
she actually looks pretty in the pic to me, her overall look, but in general her hair looks sort of flat which i don't like flat hair. i think she looks MUCH older so i don't know if that's what she was going for. before she looked sort of cutesy. now she looks like a grown woman. i'm sure she'll stay this way for awhile.
sorry Taylor luv you but not the straight hair keep it curly
She looks so different but she's still beautiful regardless of whether her hair is curly or straight.
this better be temporary! I hate it when curly girls go permanently straight and conform to society's screwed up notion of beauty!!
I can't even recognize her. It's fun to have hair that you can run your fingers through for a couple of days...I love the feeling too, but it isn't my favorite.
Shes trying to conform. It's a bad example for little girls.
She doesn't look like herself at all!! If it didn't say Taylor Swift I would have no idea who that is!! I'm gonna be honest, I HATE her hair that way, even if it is temporary.
She doesn't even look like herself! I hate it!
For some reason it doesn't look like her...I definitely prefer curly on her!
I think she still looks gorgeous but I hope she stil switches back to curly every so often too. x
She looks terrible. BOOOOOOO