These curly haired celebrities are as famous for their hair as they are for their achievements - even winning the Nobel Prize for Physics.

Shaun White

"Any medal would be good. A big gold one even better.” - Shaun White

Shaun White

Why: He's Got Gold-Medal Hair! Birth name: Shaun Roger White Born: September 3, 1986, Carlsbad, CA Hair Type: 2c

What We Recommend for Hair Like This

  1. You're doing great on your own, Shaun. Keep that moisturizer handy for those winter days on the mountain!
  2. How about a little après-ski moisturizing while sitting around the fireplace? We recommend a deep treatment once a week with Mop Top Deep Conditioner.

Quick Facts

  1. White was born with a heart defect and underwent two open-heart surgeries by age 1; he switched from skiing to snowboarding at age 6.
  2. White's mother only allowed him to snowboard backwards, in an attempt to get him to slow down; this actually helped develop his skills.
  3. A professional skateboarder as well, White is the only skater to land the Body Varial Frontside 540.
  4. Known for his red curly hair and getting big air, he is often called "The Flying Tomato."
  5. Two-time Olympic Gold medalist - once at Torino in 2006 and again at Vancouver in 2010.

Video of young Shaun White at age 11

Video of Shaun White's run at Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

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Libbi B.

Carole King should have been on this list. She is one of my curly heros!

Nick Valensi ;)

The article should have included Keri Russell and Taylor Swift.

Fun article. Really enjoyed it. And love all the curlies mentioned.

Oh, we have the same birthday..and nearly the same hair type..This is so cool, even though people like to call me "Diana Ross'. :)