The 2012 Billboard Music Awards went off without a hitch last night and included hours of prime time TV entertainment including performances, insane clothing ensembles and a lot of big, textured hair.

And while there were winners last night, this curly took away a lot more than some fancy award. Instead, watching the Billboard Music Awards was more like a lesson in pop culture, stereotypes and personas than anything else. Let me take you down the list of the five key points that I took away from last night's show, none of which involve mentioning who even won!

  1. Brandy is back! Holy cow where as this woman been, and better yet, the hair! Not only did the mystery woman who once sold six million units worldwide step out onto the music scene again (even if it was only for an award show), but she did so with hair that would make any textured supporter proud.
  2. And Taylor Swift isn't back. When will this "Vogue gave me bangs and straight hair" persona go away? Not to mention, the "Oh my gosh, I won ANOTHER award" surprise act is getting old and fake. Come on, Taylor. I know you can do better!
  3. Alicia Keys is still one of our best vocalists. Putting her and Stevie Wonder together to cap off the night was a genius move by the award ceremony. Keys even did a stripped down version of "Empire State of Mind" that seriously rocked the house. And besides her amazing vocals, Keys' twisted high-knot updo was to kill for, and an easy style that any hair type can copy.
  4. Miley Cyrus is HOT. Or so she wants us all to believe. Her short, tuxedo "dress," smoky makeup and sexy hair won her the most attention last night at the show, which seems to be just the way she likes it. Ever since her Vanity Fair expose, the singer/actress duo has been stepping up her sex appeal game, which makes me wonder what her PR agency has planned for her in the future. This can't just be a coincidence. Either way, you can't bash the girl for looking hot. You just can't.
  5. Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa make me melt. Gosh, I love these two humans and their over-the-top "I am so in LOVE with this person" attitudes. They might not be as hip-hop famous as Kanye and Kim or Jay-Z and Beyonce, but these two rock my socks off, and their adorable relationship makes me believe in true love. Plus, how FIERCE is Amber with that blonde buzz cut? Enough said.

Overall last night's ceremony was pretty great. Burrell and Bowen proved to us all that their on-screen antics on "Modern Family" aren't just about acting, but that these two are actually pretty freaking hilarious. LMFAO did their same-old same-old routine — you know, where they act crazy and everyone seems to really love it. Justin Beiber still isn't very interesting and my ears want to hear more of Natasha Bedingfield's voice. But it's hard to beat Brandy's big hair, Taylor Swift's lack of it, Key's soulful performance, Cryus' outfit that left little to the imagination and Amber Rose's short cropped 'do and her baby by her side.

What were your favorite Billboard Music Award moments?