The Bewitching Waves of Hermione Granger

2010-11-22 11:40:24

The Bewitching Waves of Hermione Granger

Hey Harry Potter fans! Take a look at how this witch's hair transformed over the years during her long journey alongside Harry Potter.

Hermione’s hair has seen many changes from the first film. She first appeared on the silver screen with a bushy head of hair that’s reminiscent of classic storybook witches. Its great volume and tangled state served as Hermione’s signature hairstyle. Fans of the books claim that this image of Hermione is most true to the novels, and expressed disappointment when they saw it change in the second film. In "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," she is first seen on Diagon Alley with long, shiny curls. Now well-groomed, her hair has corkscrew curls that seem to resemble the refined girl that Hermione is becoming. In the third film, Hermione’s hair is shorter and has less of a twist. Now shoulder length, her hair has a cute wave that is much more casual. It seems fitting, given that we begin see the students in jeans and casual attire.

emma watson

Emma Watson's Hermoine begins to mature.

The fourth film is where Hermione’s hair is the most diverse. She begins to play with braids and clips that keep her hair out of her face, but doesn’t fail to wear her hair wavy as she makes her daily trips to the library. And of course, who could forget that elegant updo she wore for the Yule Ball? Lovely curls trail the side of her neck as she dances proudly next to Durmstrang Champion Victor Krum. In the fifth film, Hermione’s hair maintains its wavy texture. She parts it to the side, creating feminine looking bangs that sweep across her forehead as she fights alongside her classmates in Dumbledore’s Army. In "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince", Hermione seems to be returning to twists and curls. Her hair looks as if it receives more attention than her books!

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Too bad she's gorgeous no matter what her hair looks like. I actually liked her Deatly Hallows look. (:
The Deathly Hallows part 1 was amazing! Can't wait for the next part. I really loved watching Hermione's hair change throughout the movies, and I find it very interesting how it was so flat in this one. I have to agree that mine would probably look like that out on the run though.